Ten global health threats of 2019

WHO – Ten Global Health Threats of 2019

WHO recently recognized Ten Global Health Threats of 2019 and its plan to combat the threats. Growing number of population and several reasons are posing many health challenges. Frequent outbreaks of several diseases including measles and diphtheria that are vaccine -preventable diseases, obesity, malnutrition, pollution, climate change, war and humanitarian crisis as well as the increase in drug resistance pathogens such as antibacterial resistance bacteria. the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines or vaccine hesitancy is also included in this list!

To face these health threats WHO has come up with a new strategic plan in 2019 ‘the 13th General Program of Work’. The goal of this plan is to address different health threats. This plan focuses on triple billion target to ensure one billion more people to get universal health coverage, one billion people to get protection from health emergencies and another one billion people to enjoy good health and wellbeing.  WHO has named following (see slides) ten issues that need attention.

Image credit: Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

#1 Air pollution and Climate change: Read more

Air pollution and climate change

 #2 Global Influenza pandemic: Read more

Influenza pandemic

#3 Non communicable diseases : Read more

Non communicable diseases

 #4 Fragile and vulnerable settings: Read more

Fragile vulnerable life settings

#5 Antimicrobial resistance: Read more

Anti microbial resistance

#6 Ebola and high threat pathogens: Read more

Ebola pathogens

#7 Primary health care: Read more

Global primary health care

#8 Refusal of vaccination: Read more

Vaccination refusal

#9 Dengue & #10 HIV/AIDS: Read more

Dengue and HIV


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 25, 2019

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