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Vegetarian Recipes

Tiranga Pulao

Basmati Tiranga Pulao Rice

On India’s Independence day, celebrate our traditions with Basmati Tiranga Pulao rice. Basmati rice has unique fragrance and is lighter on digestive system.

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Spicy Kodubale

Kodubale Karnataka special

Kodubale is a type of murukku or spicy rings from Karnataka. It is a traditional snack item and many households will make and keep it for everyday snack purposes.

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Doddapatre leaves bajji

Another delicious snack recipe for all seasons is grandma’s doddpatre leaves bajji.

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Roasted EggplantMosaru Bajji

Roasted Eggplant mosaru bajji

Another eggplant recipe is here for eggplant lovers. Roasted eggplant mosaru bajji is another traditional dish from Karnataka, India.

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Majjige Huli

Majjige Huli – A tasty traditional dish

Majjige huli or Mor kuzhambu / majjige pulusu is a popular, tasty and traditional dish of Karnataka, India. Vegetables of Cucumber family are used for this dish.

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Horse Gram Kattu (Rasam)

Horse Gram Kattu (Rasam)

Horse gram is rich source of calcium amongst all the legumes. It contains iron, folate and abundant protein content.

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Winged beans salad curry

Winged bean salad curry

Try delicious winged bean salad curry recipe today…

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Foxtail Millet Idli

Delicious foxtail millet idli

Try this healthy, delicious foxtail millet idli recipe with sambar and chutney at home.

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