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Vegetarian Recipes


Delicious Amla Thokku

Today we are presenting a delicious traditional recipe gooseberry or amla thokku

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Tasty Neem Flower Masala Rice

Today we are presenting a tasty Neem flower masala rice recipe. It is easy to prepare and has unique taste and nutty flavor into it.

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Quinoa zucchini fritters

Combine these three ingredients with some Indian spices and try preparing delicious fritters – quinoa zucchini fritters

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Athirasam sweet for Diwali

This year on the occasion of Diwali-Festival of light, try preparing delicious athirasam at home

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Evening snack Cabbage pakoda

Wondering what to prepare for evening snack? Try cabbage pakoda today! Cabbage is known for its good health benefits

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Delicious Purslane sambar recipe

If you are keen to include purslane in your diet then there are different ways to use this medicinal herb. Did you know you can prepare delicious purslane sambar

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Turmeric root curry

Today we are introducing you to turmeric root curry which is a popular dish in Rajasthan.

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One plate Idli vada please

One plate Idli vada please

When you are in India, if you visit South Indian states you must try this breakfast item “idli– vada cambo” Try idli vada cambo

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