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Vegetarian Recipes

Raw Banana Cutlet

Raw Banana Cutlet Recipe

Raw bananas are healthy and contain nutrients that support our digestive system. The main ingredient is starch and the same starch converts to sugar in ripened bananas. The starch in raw banana does not digest in small intestine totally, hence it is considered as dietary fiber. Another ingredient in raw banana is pectin. Both pectin and starch are good for blood sugar maintenance and digestive health.

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Beetroot raisin juice

Promote Liver Health and rejuvenate with this Healthy Juice

Beetroot is good lowering blood pressure, to treat anemia, to promote healthy heart and helps immune system. Raisin is good for liver and good for metabolism.

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Healthy And Delicious Pomegranate Peel Raita

Bitter here is better for health and consuming dried pomegranate peel has multiple benefits for our body.

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Quinoa couscous beetroot tikki

Quinoa couscous beetroot tikki

To get benefits of good health grains like quinoa, couscous and oats we can mix them with vegetables and make Indian spicy tikkis

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Tiranga Pulao

Basmati Tiranga Pulao Rice

On India’s Independence day, celebrate our traditions with Basmati Tiranga Pulao rice. Basmati rice has unique fragrance and is lighter on digestive system.

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Chickpea vegetable soup recipe

Healthy Recipe Chickpea Vegetable Soup

Here is a healthy vegan soup recipe that you must try that helps your digestive system in good condition. Chickpea vegetable soup -Mixing chickpea with vegetables in vegetable broth gives you enough nutrients of the day.

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Instant Mango And Lemon Spicy Pickles

Who does not like to have spicy pickles? Indians are very fond of pickles.

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Bottle gourd dosa recipe

Bottle Gourd Dosa Recipe

Bottle gourd or lauki is a vegetable belongs to cucumber family. It is a source of vitamin C, Vitamin B, calcium and potassium. It serves no calories and hence it can be included in weight loss diet. It’s juice is good for diabetic condition.

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