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Vegetarian Recipes

Raw Banana Cutlet

Raw Banana Cutlet Recipe

Raw bananas are healthy and contain nutrients that support our digestive system. The main ingredient is starch and the same starch converts to sugar in ripened bananas. The starch in raw banana does not digest in small intestine totally, hence it is considered as dietary fiber. Another ingredient in raw banana is pectin. Both pectin and starch are good for blood sugar maintenance and digestive health.

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Rava bonda

Semolina / Rava Bonda with coconut chutney

Having a low glycemic index, semolina or rava is ideal for those who wish to lose weight or those who have blood sugar problems.

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Ash gourd soup for diet

Healthy Ash gourd soup for weight loss diet

Looking for healthy recipe to include in your diet program? Include ash gourd soup in your daily diet. Yes, ash gourd soup is a recommended diet item suggested by well known nutrients for those who are looking to reduce weight while exercising.

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jackfruit pakora recipe

Jackfruit Spicy Pakora

It is jackfruit season in India and other tropical countries. There are varieties of dishes one can prepare using raw and ripened jackfruits. Jackfruit is rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, and seeds are rich in protein. Jackfruit is considered as an alternate to meat and is also popular because these big fruits can save people from starvation.

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Oats uttappam

Instant Vegetable Oats Uttappam

Oats is commonly used as breakfast item. Even though it is healthy, sometimes eating oats can be boring. Oats uttappam is a vegan friendly, good, healthy breakfast prepared with vegetables. It is stomach friendly, vegan and easy to prepare.

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Madduru vada recipe

Evening Snack Madduru Vada

A cup coffee with spicy evening snack during rainy season lifts our mood. Try Madduru vada for a rainy day.

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Pumpkin masala poori

Pumpkin Masala Poori Recipe

Pumpkin is highly recommended in low calorie diet plans. It is good for chronic conditions, helps in improving eye sight. It contains Vitamin A, C, lutein and zeaxanthin. To boost immune system include pumpkin in your diet.

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Drumstick small onion sambar recipe

Drumstick small onion sambar recipe

To boost immune system including drumstick is highly recommended by nutritionists. Moringa is the name for drumstick plant. Its leaves are highly nutritious and known to improve overall health.

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