Gazpacho soup

Cold Healthy Soup for Hot Summer

A vitamin C rich Spanish soup popularly known as Gazpacho is good for summer heat.

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Sweet corn, spinach soup

Healthy sweetcorn and spinach shorba recipe

Sometimes we feel like having semisolid hot food. Answer for this is soup. Soup not only helps to sooth system, it also sufficiently fills the stomach.

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Vegetarian recipe

Beet root & Radish – Two Recipes

Are you an athlete and are you looking for something that is nutritious, keeps blood pressure under control ?

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Moth bean chaat recipe

Quick and delicious moth bean Chat

Moth bean or matki seeds are rich source of fiber, potassium and magnesium. just like green gram moth bean also provides seve

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Bisibele bath recipe

Yummy and Spicy Rice Bisibele bath Recipe

Bisibele bath is a delicious rice-lentil combination dish that also contains mixed vegetables. The spices that are required for bisibele bath preparation are gut friendly and helps to digest the food easily. Bisi stands for temperature hot (in Kannada) bele for lentil and bath means mix of rice with all these other ingredients.

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Chickpea vegetable soup recipe

Healthy Recipe Chickpea Vegetable Soup

Here is a healthy vegan soup recipe that you must try that helps your digestive system in good condition. Chickpea vegetable soup -Mixing chickpea with vegetables in vegetable broth gives you enough nutrients of the day.

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Stuffed Idlis

Idli is South Indian breakfast item. It is considered as the most healthiest and nutrient rich breakfast of India.

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Walnut-fig halwa recipe

Valentine’s Day Dessert Walnut Fig Halwa

On this Valentine’s day if you are planning to prepare dessert at home, try walnut fig halwa recipe. You can use either sugar or jaggery in the recipe.

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