Non communicable diseases

Non communicable diseases

Non communicable diseases :Non communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart conditions are collectively responsible over 70% of death worldwide. It includes those who die prematurely between age 30 to 69. In middle- and low-income countries these premature deaths are more than 85%. These noncommunicable diseases are driven by five major risk factors – alcohol use, unhealthy diets, air pollution, tobacco, physical inactivity and these factors also responsible for mental health conditions even in young children and young adults. As per WHO most of these cases are undetected and untreated. Suicide due to mental illness is another cause for death in young adults of 15-19-year age group.

WHO will work with Governments to help to reduce physical inactivity by 15% by 2030 through implementation of several active policy tool kit.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: January 25, 2019

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