Pain killer from mud fungus

New pain killer from mud fungus

Researchers from University of Sydney and The University of Queensland recently found marine fungus that has molecule like opioids. What is astonishing is the fungus they found is present in mud.

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Need a new battery recipe?

Need a new battery recipe? Take one leaf, bake it, and add sodium!

It’s basically common knowledge that when we dispose of batteries, we’re not supposed to just throw them in our trash casually.

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Fortified Milk for Covid-19

Fortified milk is critical for boosting health and immunity during Covid -FSSAI

India has a significant burden of malnutrition, including micronutrient malnutrition such as iron and vitamin deficiencies. According to the World Bank, more than 70% of India’s children under five are deficient in vitamin D, and 57% of all children in the country lack adequate levels of vitamin A.

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Dandelion rubber

Rubber From Beautiful Dandelion Plant

Commonly considered as weed with beautiful yellow flowers Dandelion is gaining importance for all good reasons. Before you throw Dandelion from your yard, think twice.

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Mould and mycotoxins

Why Set Limits For Mycotoxins in Food

Fungal toxins can cause severe illness and could be fatal.

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Post Covid Nutrition

WHO: Nutrition and Food Recommendation for Adults Post Covid-19 Recovery

Post Covid-19 patients who return home must consider taking nutrient rich food. At hospital care takers will give nutrient and calorie rich food that helps to bring energy back.

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Global poverty

Economic impact of COVID-19 and worsening inequalities

According to the report more than 1.9 billion people were unable to afford healthy food before pandemic and Covid-19 has further damaged livelihoods of the individuals causing problem of malnutrition.

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India eliminating trans fats

India joins other nations to eliminate trans fats by 2022

We all should avoid consuming trans fats as much as possible. Trans fats are known to have bad impact on health and especially for heart. Eating trans fats rich food results in increase in bad or LDL cholesterol and we can end up in getting heart disease.

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