How to handle a heart break ?

it might take some time for you to come out from the sadness. Because real feeling does not go away easily – isn’t it? Then how to handle this heart break?

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Supine Spinal Twist

If you are suffering from back pain or having problem with digestion then performing supine spinal twist pose helps

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How to stay Motivated

How to stay motivated in life and find time to work on both personal and professional projects?

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Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

Extended hand to big toe pose is advanced yoga pose. Yogis who practice yoga daily will be able to perform this pose bit more easily compared

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Practice Surya Namaskara on Makara Sankranthi Day

On January 15th of this year Indians are celebrating Makara Sankranthi.

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Eight Angle Pose Ashtavakrasana

Ashtavakrasana or Eight angle pose is an advanced pose that needs lot of concentration, focus, strength and flexibility. While practicing this pose one can also achieve balance and perseverance.

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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions: Suggestions to Honor your Body and Mind

Make a list of things what you want to achieve and act on it.

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Firefly pose Tittibhasana

Firefly pose is an advanced yoga pose that needs both focus and strength. Watching someone doing this pose looks scary.

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