Yoga & BharathaNatyam

Divine & Disciplined: Yoga and Bharathanatyam

Bharatanatyam is nothing but Yoga, Yoga means union- union of body and mind.

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Plow pose Halasana

Halasana, Plow pose For Spine Health

Plow pose is considered as beginners pose, however it takes several practices to get into the pose and one needs to understand how to get into the pose correctly.

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Pungu mayurasana

Pungu Mayurasana One Arm Mayurasana An advanced yoga pose

Pungu Mayurasana advanced yoga pose included in vinyasa yoga poses also known as wounded peacock pose

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Balancing pose benefits

Practicing Balancing Yoga Poses Help as We Age

As we age, we tend to lose balance, cannot walk without support and might not be able to do many day to day stuffs on our own. Practicing balancing yoga poses daily has longer benefits.

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Half moon pose

Improve Balance and Coordination by practicing Half moon pose

Half moon pose is a balancing intermediate pose for yogis. It is known as Ardha Chandrasana Ardha Chandrasana

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Easy Pose: Sukhasana

Easy pose or Sukhasana is everyday pose for all. It is a beautiful, easy pose and has many benefits.

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sage koundinya pose advanced yoga

Sage Koundinya Pose II

Sage Koundinya or Eka Pada Koundinyasana II is named after sage Koundinya who had one twisted leg and arm.

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Couple yoga benefits

Benefits of Practicing Yoga with Life Partner

The word yoga in Sanskrit means “union”. It is derived from Yuj which means to join. Yoga helps to build a beautiful understanding of body and mind. When couple practice yoga together, it will help to strengthen the relationship and brings joy and satisfaction in life.

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