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How to keep skin moisturized in winter

If you are not a fan of cosmetics and cream, to protect moisture in the skin home remedies can help.

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almond powder and milk for skin

Almond powder and milk

Both almond powder and milk known for skin benefits from centuries.

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coconut oil and sesame oil for skin

Coconut oil and sesame oil

Coconut oil and sesame oil are good remedies for skin in all seasons.

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Honey and raw milk for skin

Raw milk and honey mix

Both raw milk and honey are natural moisturizers.

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turmeric, cream and honey for skin

Cream, Turmeric and honey mix

Cream, Turmeric and honey mix for skin care

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Lemon juice and honey for skin

Honey and lemon juice

We all need vitamin C to reduce inflammation, itchiness, and irritation of skin. Lemon juice is a natural toner that helps in these three conditions. With honey it is good skin protector

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Strawberry, milk and honey

Honey, cream and strawberry

Mash 3 -4 strawberries Mix strawberries with 1 Tbsp of honey and 1 Tbsp cream. Prepare a paste and keep it aside for few minutes.

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Rose water and honey for skin care

Rose water and honey

Rose water and honey: Two good ingredients when combined gives soothing effect to skin.

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