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Plants amongst us

What makes them unique? Plants amongst us

We often use plants for medicinal purposes. Almost all home remedies are derived from plants. Our dependency on plants are increasing with awareness about side effects of modern medicines. How and why plants exhibit medicinal values?

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Drug Addiction - Stop Today

Health Awareness: The Dangerous World of Drug Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction have negative consequences for individuals and for society.

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Benefits of sattu powder The power house

Benefits of Sattu Powder – Nutrient Powder House

Rich in protein- Sattu flour mix is made by grinding mix Bengal gram alone or with cereals and pulses. It is one of the great protein source food used in Indian states on regular basis and for everyday meal.

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How to prepare sattu

How to prepare sattu

Traditionally sattu is prepared using Bengal gram. Dry roasting Bengal gram using sand as medium followed by sieving the sand and grinding the roasted gram is traditional method.

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Nutrition and health benefits of sattu

Nutrients and health benefits of Sattu

o you know ? In India Body builders use sattu powder to stay fit and healthy! A glass of sattu water is a must for body builders to keep cool and for tissue repair

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Detoxifying sattu liquid

More Health Benefits of Sattu

Combination of pulses, cereals, Bengal gram in sattu helps vegetarians to get enough protein.

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Sattu Indian bread

Ways to use sattu

Sattu with single ingredient Bengal gram or combination of cereals, pulses can be consumed in different ways.

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Side effects of sattu

Side effects of sattu powder

Sattu is an ideal food for children, pregnant women, young adults and even elderly people. It is easy to prepare and very easy to digest. Whether a single or combination of ingredients, sattu serves the much needed

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