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Top 7 foods blood sugar cholesterol

Top 7 Foods that keeps sugar level under control

We never know when we will our sugar level exceeds to put us on diabetic chart. We all need to take precaution and watch our diet to make sure that our blood sugar level

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Insulin plant

Insulin plant

Leaves of insulin plant Costus igneus is popular because it reduces blood sugar level. Clinical studies proven that insulin plant tea helps to reduce blood sugar levels effectively.

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Fenugreek top 7 foods

Fenugreek leaves and seeds

Fenugreek is such a lovely, wonderful plant. Yes, it is little bitter but has wonderful medicinal properties and very nutritious too. Known as methi

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Bitter gourd top 7 food

Sweet bitter gourd

Indian bitter gourd is a well known vegetable for diabetic condition. The plant produces bitter fruits that holds all goodies.

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Finger millet for diabetes

Finger millet powerful grain

Finger millet is powerful grain. It is popularly known as ragi, finger millet flour is very good source of minerals, vitamins and known for low glycemic index.

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Quinoa for weight loss

Quinoa wonderful grain

Quinoa wonderful grain which has glycemic index of around 53 is another grain that should be in your diet plan.

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Papaya for diabetes

Diabetic friendly fruit papaya

Diabetic friendly fruit papaya should be included in diet to keep sugar at bay. Reasons to include papaya rather than other fruits in our

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Garlic for diabetes

Include Garlic in your diet

Garlic is close relative of onion. From ancient times garlic has been in use mainly for health and medicinal purposes.

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