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Chronic kidney disease

Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease

It is important to understand Chronic Kidney Disease as it helps to save not just our life, also to save others.

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Kidney functions

Kidney functions are many

Kidneys are important organs to remove our wastes and maintain fluid in the body. Apart from these two kidney functions are

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problems caused by ckd

Health problems caused by CKD

Health problems caused by CKD are many.

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Reasons for CKD

What causes chronic kidney disease

What causes chronic kidney disease?

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symptoms of CKD

Symptoms of CKD

Symptoms of CKD : Most people with early CKD have no symptoms, which is why early testing is critical. By the time symptoms appear,

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Tests for CKD

Get Tested for CKD

If you or a loved one belong to a high-risk group, ask your primary-care physician about these tests—and be especially insistent about the last one.

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CKD kidney test protein

Protein and creatinine tests

Protein and creatinine tests for kidney

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Ways to keep Kidney Health

How to stay Healthy with kidney

How to stay Healthy with kidney?

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