Global primary health care

Weak primary health care

Weak primary health care : Primary health care system is always under scrutiny in most countries. Reason for this is, people look for affordable, comprehensive, community-based care throughout life. It should be able to meet a person and families majority health needs in the course of the life. It should be able to give universal health coverage.

Many countries do not even have primary health care system and facilities due to either lack of resources. In 2018 WHO co hosted global conference in Astana, Kazakhstan. Many countries committed to renew primary health care made in 1978’s Alma-Ata declaration. WHO will work with all partners to strengthen primary health care in countries and will follow up on specific commitments made in Kazakhstan conference.

Yet many countries do not have adequate primary health care facilities. This neglect may be a lack of resources in low- or middle-income countries, but possibly also a focus in the past few decades on single disease programms. In October 2018, WHO co-hosted a major global conference in Astana, Kazakhstan at which all countries committed to renew the commitment to primary health care made in the Alma-Ata declaration in 1978.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 25, 2019

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