Vaccination refusal

Refusal of vaccination

Refusal of vaccination : Growing number of populations does not want to deal with vaccination. This vaccine hesitancy could lead to outbreak of vaccine preventable disease. It is one the cost-effective way avoiding disease. Because of reluctance and refuse several diseases in the global population is increasing. For example, Measles has seen an increase of 30% globally!

In US many itself there is a growing number of populations whose ‘philosophical-belief’ lead to children getting not vaccinated. This is happening in Australia as well where nearly 40,000 children are unvaccinated due to philosophical belief of parents. In Italy has introduced new rules in 2018 suspending the mandatory vaccinations!

Reason for vaccine hesitancy is, either it could be inconvenience in accessing vaccines, lack of confidence. Physicians and other health workers must provide knowledge and develop trust of people by giving credible information regarding vaccines. In 2019 WHO will ramp up its work to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide by increasing Human papilloma virus vaccine. 2019 may also end transmission of polio virus both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. WHO is committed to support these countries to vaccinate every child to eradicate polio, the crippling disease for good!

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 25, 2019

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