Crackers Burning

Safety tips to play with crackers

It is fun burning crackers during festival or any other occasions -however, keep in mind that one need to be extra careful while playing with crackers.

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Be Kind to one another

Be Kind to one another – Stop bullying Do you know one in five kids get bullied daily in every school? Do you know what impact i
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Kids How to control body odor?

Kids, how to control your body odor? You don’t need to wear branded clothes to look good and feel good. To feel good and to improve your self-esteem you should be healthy and clean. When you go to school your friends and classmate

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How to reduce electronic device use

Ways to reduce smart devices in your kid’s life Kids starts whining when parents ask them to go and play outside. They all into
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Healthy Lunch For Kids

Healthy Lunch For Kids

It is parents duty to introduce kids to healthy foods.

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Addressing children issues at school

Sometimes parents get phone calls from school or child may bring a note from the school about conflicts that your child might have got involved.

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Kids - How to ask adults for help?

Kids – How to ask adults for help?

Kids, If you are facing a problem and cannot fix it on your own it is not a bad idea to ask an adult for help. Naturally, you might not trust anyone for that matter, however if you feel you must talk then find a right person whom you trust the most to share your fear/thoughts.

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Handling temper tantrum of a child

Handling temper tantrum of child

If the little fellow throwing tantrums and becoming aggressive in his behavior it means, the toddler is becoming an independent individual.

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