Kids Social media challenges

Parents Beware of Growing Social Media Challenges During Pandemic

Social isolation is a big problem in the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently TikTok videos going around asking children to accept the Benadryl challenge.

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Tips to Reduce vaccination pain in babies

Ways to relieve vaccination pain in baby

Vaccination is a must for all babies. There are several types of vaccinations a baby must take to get protected from dreaded diseases like chickenpox, diphtheria, measles, mumps, polio, Hepatitis A and B, smallpox, tetanus, tuberculosis, Pertussis (whooping cough) etc. These vaccines will help baby to develop antibodies that are essential to protect and prevent from illness.

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Trick or treating 2020

Trick or Treating In This Pandemic

Children and adults both look forward for Halloween day celebrations. This year Coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult to decide whether to go for trick or treat or to attend parties.

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Teach kids to wear Face masks

Tips to teach children to wear face mask

Face masks act as barrier and prevent spreading of Covid-19. It prevents respiratory droplet releasing into air and infecting others who are around us. It is good idea for everyone including kids and adults to wear facial mask to stop spreading the pandemic.

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Eczema enhances food allergy

Eczema enhances food allergy in children

A study cautions parents regarding kids eczema infection that results in severe food allergy and vice versa

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Childcare during pandemic

Parental Guide To Childcare Facility Hygiene and Safety During Pandemic

Pandemic lockdown is lifted in many places and daycare facilities are opening. If you are a parent of young child and thinking of dropping off child at the facility then, as a parent you must know how childcare is taking care of hygiene of the facility and safety of children to assure your child’s safety.

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Help kids to express emotions

Help kids to express their emotions

As a parent or a teacher there are chances you come across a child who appears to be sad all the time. No smiles, not mingling with other children, does not play or does not talk much. Sometimes child may also throw tantrum.

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Stammering in kids

Stammering in Kids: What Parents Should Know

Stammering or stuttering is disruption of normal speech which can be seen in children. Stammering makes it difficult for a child to communicate easily. When a child stutters

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