Sleepwalk in children

Does Your Child Sleepwalk ?

Sleepwalking is a problem that parents face with young children. Typically, after sleepwalking happens after 2-3 hours of sleep. Child will get out of the bed and walk in the house or might visit siblings or parents’ bedroom. There are instances where child would open the front door to step out.

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Shaken baby syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome what is it

To parents – this is also known as Abusive Head Trauma. Shaken baby syndrome is a result from violent shaking of the baby that

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Piggy Bank Savings

Piggy Bank Savings – How to teach kids to save money?

Are we rich? Kids often ask this question. This innocent question can be answered in a way that emphasizes family values such as smart savings and responsible spending.

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Kids fitness and health at home

Keep your kids fit and creative at home

This year worldwide kids are mostly home schooled and are staying home to be safe. Obviously, parents are not encouraging kids to play with friends or there is no playmate for kids due to ongoing pandemic scare.

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kids school safe travel

Wish your kids safe travel on school days

Kids who go to school by different means of transportation need protection and they must get to school on time without any harm and must reach home without any incidents.

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Teach kids to cook

Why Kids Should Learn Cooking

If you are into cooking and have kids, then you are obliged to prepare varieties of food whether pandemic or no pandemic. Instead of cooking all by yourself, teach your kids few simple recipes this will help them to thrive through life and teaches valuable skills.

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Major health concerns in kids

Must Know Top Health Issues of kids

Apart from common cold, fever and allergy issues kids also suffer from many other health issues that parents should be aware of. Many of these health issues go unnoticed or children might not able to express what is going on with them or they will be scared to express the issues that is happening.

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Solve these puzzles

Solving Puzzles helps children development

Solving puzzles has many benefits for children. There are hundreds of different varieties of puzzles one can come across. Every puzzle teaches and improves different skills in kids.

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