Child care illness prevention

Preventing illness in child care

When children are in a room, playing together in child care there is always a chance of getting infected. Both infants and toddlers who depend on care givers for their health

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kids meditation benefits

Meditation benefits kids

Meditation is new type of detention in many schools! Meditation benefits kids. Reason for this mindfulness is helping children in many ways. They stay calm, anxiety free.

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School day activity time for kids

Recommended School day activity time for kids

Parents often worry about children’s activities and how much time child should be allowed to play or do the homework during school day. Education experts as well as pediatricians has recommendations on child’s school day activity time that could help parents to understand how much time should be allotted for various activities of a child

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kids school safe travel

Wish your kids safe travel on school days

Kids who go to school by different means of transportation need protection and they must get to school on time without any harm and must reach home without any incidents.

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Kids - How to ask adults for help?

Kids – How to ask adults for help?

Kids, If you are facing a problem and cannot fix it on your own it is not a bad idea to ask an adult for help. Naturally, you might not trust anyone for that matter, however if you feel you must talk then find a right person whom you trust the most to share your fear/thoughts.

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Benefit of hand on toys

Encourage child to play with basic hand on toys

According to Aleeya Healey, MD of AAP “Toys have evolved over the years,

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kids facial painting safety tips

Safety tips for face painting

Kids love painting especially the face painting. This is a way for them to express their hidden dreams of being a superman, superwoman, hero, Disney characters

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Home remedies for infant constipation

Effective home remedies for infant constipation

It is normal for a baby to undergo constipation for a day or two. Sometimes the bowel movement might not happen unless parents help out baby and give a relief from constipation

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