Protect child from human trafficking

Protect Children From Child Trafficking

Your child will not understand the words freedom, safety, protection unless you explain to them clearly with simple examples. The privilege of having freedom and lovely family is a blessing. Do you know, there are 21 million people who are suffering from modern slavery called ‘human trafficking’? This include child trafficking, where child is forced labor or used for sexual exploitation.

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Sleepwalk in children

Does Your Child Sleepwalk ?

Sleepwalking is a problem that parents face with young children. Typically, after sleepwalking happens after 2-3 hours of sleep. Child will get out of the bed and walk in the house or might visit siblings or parents’ bedroom. There are instances where child would open the front door to step out.

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Respiratory Syncytial Virus in child

Respiratory Syncytial Virus RSV Infection In Infants And Children

As the winter is approaching, young children are tending to get sick. This time of the year many parents visit hospital for child’s respiratory issues particularly.  One of the common virus Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), infection of lungs and airways makes young ones sicker.  According to CDC in past month RSV in children is increased and more hospitalization is expected in next couple of months.

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Baby acne care

What Is Baby Acne & How To Take Care Of Baby Skin?

Sometimes newborns develop small pimple like spots on the innocent face. This is a common condition that occurs in most newborns and goes away after few days or months. Baby acne as it is called, will appear on baby face – chin, nose, eyelids, forehead. Sometimes could appear on back below the neck region.

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Children playing in mud

Let your children play outside in dirt

Dirt is a prescription for health and happiness. Allow your child play outside in garden and dirt. Don’t worry about child’s clothes getting dirty.

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Helping baby sleep at night

Tips to get your baby sleep throughout the night

Most parents with babies face one common challenge when it comes to baby’s sleep at night. Babies need to be fed every few hours or so as they have small tummies that need filling often. Newborns sleep around the clock as they cannot make out the difference between day and night.

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Kids snacks for evening

Healthy evening snacks for kids

As summer is approaching, kids look forward to eat something yummy during evening hours. Prepare healthy evening snacks that kids love.

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How to reduce electronic device use?

How to reduce electronic device use

No doubt, smart devices provide many benefits, including education apps. But children also are one step closer to dangerous and distractive games, sexting apps and social media apps where online bullies are on the watch.

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