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Healthy Life is a part of, an all India – centric  website ( and is solely owned and operated by It is an Indian nutritional portal providing educational articles.This nutritional port was launched on February 5th, 2015.

The content on this site is not intended to substitute a consultation with a qualified health care professional. It is solely intended to guide readers on Nutritional values of various Foods and Health related research . The advice and supervision of a health care professional is always necessary if someone wants to try different diet or changing their Health life style. We’ve even got you covered for low-fat, quick and easy recipes – an essential step toward overall healthy living.  Our mantra is to give users all guidance for Happy & Healthy life through daily articles with unique and more recent, updated health and fitness contents.  Older content may require a review and we encourage readers to bring outdated information to our attention.


– Provide all aspects of Nutrition values of various foods and diets

– Cooking & recipes of Indian foods -easy recipes

– Vegan and Vegetarian diets

– Wellness & exercises

– Nutrition & health related articles

– Meal planner, various types of dies, weight-loss, and weight-gain

– Life stages nutrition

– Kids health, activities and Foods


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  • For Main menu categories reference links and further reading links are given with articles and also a separate section “Reference links” has been provided in the drop down.
  • For all articles in the website references are provided below each article. If you feel that article lacks any references, please contact us and we are happy to incorporate the references after review.
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