Fecal therapy for CDI

A Fecal-Based Therapy To Prevent Recurrent C. diff Infection Is The First FDA-Approved Microbiome Therapeutic

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a fecal-based therapy to prevent recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection. Rebyota is a drug that is approved for the prevention of recurring C. dificile infection also known as CDI in individuals of 18 year old and above.

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Covid Flu RSV Tripledemic

Tripledemic – Surge In Covid-19, FLU And RSV During Holiday Season

All the recent health data showing a surge in trio viruses spreading in the world. Covid, influenza and Respiratory syncytial viruses are causing health issues throughout the world. All the three viruses are spreading and circulating fast. In a recent media briefing CDC’s Director Rochelle Walensky has warned about the surge in the three viruses.

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Measles outbreak

Measles Is contagious And Making a Come Back In the World

There are many cases of Measles reported in children in India recently. Measles can cause serious health issues in children especially of the age younger than five years. Sometimes parents think that measles is just fever with rash and recovery happens in few days. What they don’t know is, if unattended measles can cause serious complications in kids.

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RSV in adults

More Adults Are Getting Infected by RSV Now Than Pre Covid Time

During onset of winter world is recording a greater number of people getting infected with RSV -Respiratory Syncytial Virus. This contagious viral infection can be seen in young children and adults above 60 years of age. RSV is not a new virus.

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Gut bacteria

Scientists Track Behavior of Intestinal Bacteria

Our gut hosts several microbes that are friendly and essential for our health. Health of our intestine depends on these microbes and to keep gastrointestinal tract in healthy condition, it is important to maintain the gut friendly microbes in good condition. There are many research studies are going on in medical field regarding the gut bacteria. Recently Indian scientists published their findings regarding how the intestinal bacteria behaves and moves in the gut

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Music therapy

Music Therapy for Autistic Children

Music is one of the best way of communication. It brings people together. Beyond the boundaries world is united under various types of music.

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Premature early menopause and dementia

Premature And Early Menopause Are Linked to Dementia In Women -Study

Women experience premature menopause before age  40. A menopause that happens between age 40 and 45 is known as early menopause. Most women go through normal menopause after age 48. Menopause is when the ovaries stop making hormones and periods stop. The average age of menopause is around 52.

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Sugar coated fluid to detect cancer

Sugar-coated pouches in body fluids can help detect cancer

New studies on cancer in past year has given us hope to find early easy detection, prevention and new treatments of v

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