Selma Blair fights MS

Actress Selma Blair fights MS

Selma Blair who is known for her roles in Legally Blond, Cruel intentions recently appeared on a TV show and opened about her condition- multiple sclerosis

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FLC syndrome

Do you have FLC syndrome

FLC syndrome or “Feel like Crap” syndrome affects many. After eating certain food, one feels sluggish, gain weight and resistance to weight loss

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Bigorexia risks

Bigorexia in body building community

At some point bodybuilding goes too far and leads to a psychiatric disorder called muscle dysmorphia also known as bigorexia or reverse anorexia.

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Dark chocolates health benefits

Dark Chocolate is a healthy snack

all for good health reasons and Dark chocolates are best health chocolates in the world! Let us see why dark chocolates are good for health.

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kill switch cancer cells

Cancer cells can commit suicide by kill switch

Cancer cells can commit suicide by kill switch and kill code

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Keto bulletproof coffee

Keto Bulletproof coffee

Some claim it is a magical health elixir and some say it is not but people who tasted this keto coffee says it is delicious! We are talking about bulletproof coffee

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Maqui berry superfruit

Wealth of wellness Super fruit Maqui berry

Maquai berry known as Aristotelia chilensis in Botanical world and known as Chilean Wine berry.

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Coffee drinking memory boost

Drinking dark roast coffee good for brain memory

Studies have suggested that drinking dark roast coffee might help to protect brain cells from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease!

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