India Fights Covid – Support pours in from countries


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zombie genes

Scientist discover Zombie genes – Genes that wake up after death

We think after our heart stops beating or dies, entire body system shuts down and there is no more growth and development occurs in human body. Is that true? Well, a new study conducted by group of scientists suggests that there is one type of cells that remain alive after we die.

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Precautions for vaccinated people

What can fully vaccinated people can do? Find out

Globally Covid-19 vaccination process is going on and after the first responders including healthcare and front-line workers, Covid-19 vaccination is given to most vulnerable people.

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Covid-19 virus variants

Covid-19 Virus Variants What We know and Don’t Know So Far

As the Covid-19 pandemic is continuing, globally new variants of the viruses are appearing. Scientists are working to understand why and how these variants are appearing and spreading everywhere. In addition, they are also looking at whether the new vaccines will protect people against these variants too.

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Smokers vulnerable to Covid-19

Why smokers are more vulnerable to Covid-19

If you are a smoker, then think before you pick up next cigarette. Recent reports on Covid-19 telling us that smokers are prone to severe covid-19 infections.

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Infection risk in cancer patients

Why infection risk is high in cancer patients

Cancer patients are more vulnerable for infections. Infection risk is high due to their changed, weakened immune system. Immune system which is defense mechanism of the body changes with cancer and cancer treatments.

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Mucormycosis fungal infection in covid patients

Mucormycosis Fungal Infection in Covid-19 Patients

The black fungus infection called Mucormycosis occurs when the body immunity system is too week because of severe illness. In this case, mucormycosis infection happened with patients who were tested positive and treated for current pandemic.

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New covid strain

Fear of New Covid Strain Variant Spread

As we are entering new year 2021 a new covid strain SARS-COV-2 that appeared in the UK is spreading around the globe. Many countries are taking steps to stop the spread of rapidly spreading SARS-COV-2.

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