Benefits of Pickles & Recipe of Awesome Pickle Varieties

Benefits of Pickles & Recipe of Awesome Pickle Varieties

Pickling is the oldest method of food preservation in the world.  Pickling of vegetables was a method to preserve seasonal and exotic vegetables and fruits that used are very limited in production.

In India, we can find many varieties of pickles – based on main ingredients- fruits & vegetables, as well as taste.

Pickles in India have more than 4000 years of history.

The main intention of using pickle used to be to preserve excess vegetables and fruits for winter and later it became an important dish of every household as it gained importance in increasing the taste of dishes and flavor of the food.

In western countries, pickles are vinegar based. In India, pickles have oil base.  Adding oil, turmeric powder and other condiments gives pickle an extended shelf life.

In fact, there are mango pickle varieties in Karnataka and Kerala states that can be stored more than 10 years! Oil and salt act together as anti-microbial agents and keeps pickle unspoiled. It is important to note that pickles must kept away from water and one has to be careful that all ingredients used in the pickle preparations should be dry.

Benefits of pickle:

Supply essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, improve digestion, liver protection and supplies probiotics. Recovery of taste buds after sickness is another important health benefit of pickle. People who are suffering from hypotension can benefit from pickle.

Care: People who have hypertension must restrict consumption of pickle.

Let us see the famous Indian pickle varieties is in next few slides!

1. Amla Pickle:  Click to read the recipe

Amla Pickle

Mango pickle varieties  Click to read the recipe

Mango Pickle

2. Punjabi Aam pickle:  Click to read the recipe

3. Avakkai (Cut Mango) Pickle (Andhra and Tamil Nadu style):  Click to read the recipe

Avakkai pickle

4. Appemidi ( Appe mango- Karnataka) pickle: Click to read the recipe

Appemidi pickle

5. Benarasi red chilli pickle: Click to read the recipe

Benarasi red chilli pickle

6. Green chilli pickle: Click to read the recipe

Green chilli pickle

7. Carrot pickle: Click to read the recipe

Carrot Pickle

8. Lemon pickle (Karnataka style): Click to read the recipe

Lemon Pickle


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 31, 2015

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