Herbal powders to boost immune system

Immune and Overall Health Boosting Herbal Powders

Plants are a gift to mankind. Do you know? Many of the natural products derived from plants are used in drugs and nearly 120 plus drugs we use today are originally derived from plant phytochemicals. There are many anticancer drugs are derived from plants approved for commercial use in the world. What this tell us is, plants have the capacity to help us to prepare and fight pandemic diseases such as current Covid-19. If you care about your health, consider including plants in your diet. Most plants that we consume today help us to fight several conditions. We can also include plant extract in our daily diet.

Many medicinal herbs are consumed preferably in powder form because of the particle size. Their absorption through system is greater and thus the biochemical ingredients are available easily to system. Many herbal powders are obtained from drying and processing entire parts of the plant or by drying leaves, fruits, bark, seeds and roots of the plants. There are many herbs in powder forms can be used as immune boosters, to -brings stamina, controls obesity, help in digestion, to bring down blood pressure, works on lymphoid, removes toxins, reduce inflammation and work on common cough and cold. A single herbal powder can do such wonders. What we need to find out is, which herbal powder is good for our system – is one herb or combination of herbs. Such herb/s can be added to smoothies, juices or taken with water or milk.

Next few slides will explain Eight such wonderful herbal powders one should have at home for overall health benefits.

Precautions for taking herbal powders:

  • Do not take herbal powder with alcohol
  • Do not consume herbal powders without proper dosage information
  • Pregnant women should seek doctors advise
  • Do not keep herbal powder at reach of children
  • If you are buying herbal powders get them from reliable sources and well-known brands
  • Read labels and understand the uses of herbs before consuming the herbal powder
  • Some herbal powders should be taken in cold or warm water and some in cold or warm milk
  • Sometimes different herbs are sold under same name. Beware of confusing names and false names.

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Moringa Powder Benefits:

Moringa Powder benefits

Ashwagandha Powder Benefits:

Ashwagandha Powder benefits

Neem Powder Benefits: 

Neem powder benefits

Gotukola Powder Benefits:

Centella gotukola powder

Manjishta Powder Benefits:

Manjishta powder

Amla Powder Benefits:

Amla powder

Punarnava Powder Benefits:

Punarnava root powder

Spirulina Powder Benefits:

Spirulina powder benefits





Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 26, 2020

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