Teach kids to wear Face masks

Tips to teach children to wear face mask

Face masks act as barrier and prevent spreading of Covid-19. It prevents respiratory droplet releasing into air and infecting others who are around us. It is good idea for everyone including kids and adults to wear facial mask to stop spreading the pandemic.

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Smokers vulnerable to Covid-19

Why smokers are more vulnerable to Covid-19

If you are a smoker, then think before you pick up next cigarette. Recent reports on Covid-19 telling us that smokers are prone to severe covid-19 infections.

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Mucormycosis fungal infection in covid patients

Mucormycosis Fungal Infection in Covid-19 Patients

The black fungus infection called Mucormycosis occurs when the body immunity system is too week because of severe illness. In this case, mucormycosis infection happened with patients who were tested positive and treated for current pandemic.

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Covid vaccine what to expect

CDC What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

We all are new to Covid-19 vaccines and are not sure what to expect after taking the new vaccine. Like any other vaccines or like flu shots, some side effects are expected.

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New covid strain

Fear of New Covid Strain Variant Spread

As we are entering new year 2021 a new covid strain SARS-COV-2 that appeared in the UK is spreading around the globe. Many countries are taking steps to stop the spread of rapidly spreading SARS-COV-2.

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Winter Health

Suggestions to Stay Fit In Pandemic Winter

This year our lives are heavily affected by Covid-19. During winter low humidity enables flu virus to survive indoors for longtime. We all need to protect ourselves from two viruses by continuing to follow safe hygiene practices and keeping safe distances all the time.

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Kids Social media challenges

Parents Beware of Growing Social Media Challenges During Pandemic

Social isolation is a big problem in the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently TikTok videos going around asking children to accept the Benadryl challenge.

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WBC and Immune system boosters

Improve White Blood Cells & Boost Your Immune System

While the pandemic is continuing its impact on the globe, winter with flu season is setting in too.

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