Covid-19 Economic stimulus & world hunger

COVID-19: Using economic stimulus to reduce the long-term hunger impact

New FAO (Food And Agriculture Organization, UN) Policy Brief analyzes pandemic-driven recession’s threat to global hunger levels

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Childcare during pandemic

Parental Guide To Childcare Facility Hygiene and Safety During Pandemic

Pandemic lockdown is lifted in many places and daycare facilities are opening. If you are a parent of young child and thinking of dropping off child at the facility then, as a parent you must know how childcare is taking care of hygiene of the facility and safety of children to assure your child’s safety.

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Quarantine lockdown home remedies

Must know Home Remedies During Quarantine And Lockdown

We all now know how difficult it is to take an appointment and visit doctor during the pandemic. If you are suffering from common conditions and need relief you can try some of the home remedies that do wonder for common conditions and makes you feel better.

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Covid-19 tested positive

What to do if you have suspected or confirmed for COVID-19

The increased number of sick people and deaths in every part of the world making pandemic Covid notorious. People are reporting more positive cases than before. On social media and TV channels we hear and see experiences of those who tested positive and asymptomatic for the disease, those who tested positive, fell sick and recovered

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Herd immunity

Achieving herd immunity for Covid-19

Community immunity also known as herd immunity occurs when the community population becomes immune to a disease. Herd immunity happens either by vaccination or due to the increase in the percentage of immune people. With increase in immune people the likelihood of disease spread decreases.

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Kids heading back to school in pandemic

Children Covid-19 Symptoms And Heading back to School

Many countries are trying to get back to normal life in stages in amidst of current world pandemic. However, the number of Covid-19 cases are increasing in most countries. One thing parent worry about is, should they be sending children back to school when the school open?

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Plasma Donar For Covid-19 Patients

World Is In Need Of Covid-19 Survivors Who Can Donate Plasma

Hospitals around the world are seeking for plasma donors. Plasma from a fully recovered COVID-19 patient may able to save patients who currently tested positive and under treatment for Covid-19. By donating plasma one can save lives.

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Returning to work post covid-19

Returning To Work Post Covid-19? Do’s And Don’t

Depending upon the severity of Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are opening in stages and employees started returning to work.

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