Lymphatic congestion

What Lymphatic congestion can do to our health

Are you feeling tired all the time? Do you have edema, rashes, low energy, constipation and chronic pain? Studies say that it could be due to lymphatic congestion !

Lymphatic system is our body made up of lymph vessels and lymph nodes that drain fluids from body’s tissues. These fluids carry immune cells, waste products and toxins from lymphatic nodes. Lymph vessels help in keeping fluid balance in the body and will return filtered fluid back to blood stream. Lymphatic system acts like drains in our houses!

How lymphatic system function?

Primary lymphoid organs are thymus and bone marrow. Secondary lymphoid organs are lymph nodes, spleen, appendix, tonsils, adenoids, and Peyer’s patches (in small and large intestine). Function of all these organs – to defend body against anything that cause harm to body and destroy accumulated waste.

Do you know in our body there are 6 to 10 liters of lymph fluid when compared to blood volume which is 5 liters. Lymphatic system flow in one direction. Lymph passes through lymph nodes which acts a filtration and purification center for lymph, destroys toxins, taps cancer cells and produces lymphocytes and monocytes.

What  lymphatic congestion can do our health ? What if lymphatic system does not work the way it should be? 

When the lymphatic system does not work properly tissues will swell with fluid. This is lymphatic congestion. Toxins build up in body. Toxins builds up means alteration and imbalance in function of cells to organs. It can lead to various conditions of the body from cellulite to cancer, high BP to diabetes!

Symptoms of Lymphatic congestion

  • Accumulation of water in body parts including edema of legs
  • Feeling tired and low energy
  • Soreness, body inflammation, stiffness of body
  • Extra belly fat and thigh fat
  • Swollen glands
  • No clarity – brian fog
  • Breast swelling and soreness
  • Dry, itchy skin, eczema
  • Rashes, acne and dull skin
  • Headache and poor eye vision
  • Swollen fingers, feet and toes
  • Constipation, diarrhea and indigestion
  • Low histamine and low immunity
  • Emotional shock
  • Microbial infections
  • Obesity, arthritis, low back pain,
  • Cancer

 When lymph vessels get clogged?

High protein deposition causes clogging in lymph system and flow of lymph becomes slow and stagnate. Infections, fatigue, stress, lack of physical activity, unhealthy food choices, dehydration, anxiety and stress – these are several reasons for lymph vessel congestion. Toxic substances accumulated thus makes cells and organs function not effective and body responds negatively.

Prevention and treatment:

Rebounding lymph flow and reducing lymphatic congestion is known as lymphasizing. To bring back normalcy in lymphatic system function here are the tips

  • Red colored fruit and vegetables: Consume beet, pomegranate, red amaranthus, cranberries, berries, cherries, echinacea – all these are known for detoxifying effect and detoxifying agents.

Beet root is known to thin the bile. Bile is responsible for 80% of immune system response as it regulates fat and stool. Beet root is a preferred vegetable to start detoxification of body.

  •  Castor oil: Castor oil is a stimulant for lymph system. Applying warm castor oil on body parts and massaging helps to improve lymph flow and cleansing
  •  Lymphatic massage: Lymphatic massages also known as lymphatic drainage t helps to drain the lymph fluid from cells. Ask your doctor how to perform lymphatic massages for better health. Lymphatic massage is helpful for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment or in recovery.
  • Drinking water: For best lymph function drinking recommended amount of water is essential. Dehydration poses lot of threat to cells and organs. Drinking water, coconut water and natural juices helps to fight lymph congestion.
  •  Avoid food allergens: If you are planning on detoxification avoid foods that can cause allergy to your body, avoid them during detoxification. Dairy, gluten content, corn, food preservatives and food additives should be avoided.
  •  Cut down on trans fatty acids: Like margarine, fried food items, sweets prepared using saturated fat etc.
  •  Exercise: Physical activity daily for one hour helps. Sweating removes toxins
  •  No refined and processed food: Say no to heavy food items such as donuts, bread, pasta, cookies, cereal, and items that have added sugar and salt.
  •  Monitor what you drink: Limit your coffee intake. Say no to alcohol, soda.
  •  Smoking & drugs: Stop smoking. Smoking is a severe punishment that one can give to body. And, say no to drugs.
  • Clothing: Do not wear tight fitting clothes. Tight clothes interfere in blood circulation and lymph flow
  •  Manage stress: Stress changes chemicals flow in the body. Practicing meditation, yoga, pilates and taking part in mind rejuvenating activities helps to manage stress.

Lymphatic system is base for healthy body. There are many ways to detoxify body.   Keeping lymphatic system out of congestion is critical to avoid any diseases, chronic pain and other conditions. To lead a better health adopting healthy eating as well as healthy habits is necessary. This will keep lymph to move smoothly without accumulating toxins and lifelong better health.


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 24, 2020

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