Amazing Aspects of Indian Martial Arts

Amazing Aspects of Indian Martial Arts

Nowadays a sense of self-defense and for fitness lots of people particularly youngsters and women are opting for martial arts. Today martial arts in India are back in focus.

Thanks to Director S. S. Rajamouli, the recent success of Indian movie Bahubali 2 Conclusion has drawn world attention to Indian Martial arts. India with its rich heritage and ancient culture exhibits various interesting factors.

One among them is Ancient Martial arts/games. Originally a traditional form of martial art that started in South India, and now it has different names and different forms in the culture of the regions in India.

Indian martial arts can be divided into Southern and Northern styles.

What benefits we get by practicing these martial arts? Physical perfection is what Indian ancient art teaches. Many exercise benefits one can get by these martial arts.

Martial arts movements and poses are similar to Yoga poses – example like warrior poses. If you are interested in improving your cardiovascular health, losing weight or simply improving your mood, martial arts may be just what you need.

Did you know that during the British occupation, martial arts in India suffered major set backs. The ruling British objected to the tradition of training with and carrying arms. Laws were passed and were implemented with zest to prevent the people from practicing and training in martial arts like kalaripayattu.  However, people who knew the importance of this art never gave up on these ancient fitness regime and physical skills!

Kalarippayattu: ‘Battleground’: Read more

Kalarippayattu: 'Battleground'

.Silambam: “Bamboo from the hills”: Read more

Silambam: "Bamboo from the hills"

Gatka: “Short Cudgel”: Read more

Gatka: “Short Cudgel”

Musti Yuddha: “Art of Eight Limbs”: Read more

Musti Yuddha: "Art of Eight Limbs"

Thang Ta: “The Art of Sword and Spear”: Read more

Thang Ta: “The Art of Sword and Spear”

Lathi: “The Stick”: Read more

Lathi: “The Stick”

Mardani Khel: “Manly Sport”: Read more

Mardani Khel: “Manly Sport”

Benefits of Indian Martial Arts: Read more

Benefits of Indian Martial Arts



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 18, 2019

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