Gatka: “Short Cudgel”

Gatka: “Short Cudgel”

Gatka is an ancient martial art which has been thoroughly battle-tested and has existed in northern India for many thousands of years.  Gatkais weapon-based Indian martial art basically created by the Sikhs of Punjab.

It is a physical as well as a spiritual exercise. Both these aspects of the person are developed to a high level during the learning phase in this ancient art.

Although it uses the sword as its primary weapon, many other weapons are available to the Gatka master.

It is a complete martial system which uses spiritual, mental and physical skills in equal portions to help one fully competent in defending themselves and others.

There are many weapons used in Gatka like, Stick, Talwar, kirpan and kataar. The attacking and defense methods are based upon the positions of the hands feet and nature of weapons used.

In addition to giving the student defensive skills, it also helps the individual with other aspects of their life: makes the mind alert and responsive, maintains the body in a near perfect condition and makes soul fearless, compassionate and tranquil.

Gatka also aims at the coordination of mind and body through the meditation of spiritual verses of Gurbani, a holistic system by which the character and moral attitude of a student is shaped.



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 12, 2017

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