Thang Ta: “The Art of Sword and Spear”

Thang Ta: “The Art of Sword and Spear”

Thang Ta is popular term for the ancient Manipuri Martial Art also known as HUYEN LALLONG. Manipuri martial arts with swords and spears, is a strong yet gracefully sophisticated art. It is a life style rather than sport.

Concept: The art of the battle and the use of weaponry, when its warlike engagements were over, developed into a system of wielding objective elements in organic relationship with the cosmos.

The body itself became a space where the tensions and dynamics of creation was worked out in a system of movements reflecting the essence of these creative forces.

The whole world of the dynamic cosmos was recreated within the world of the body of man.

The Thang Ta is also form of Life style. It can be practiced in three basic supplementary ways – religious, demonstration and combat.

  • The physical aspect of combat of Thang Ta: Breath control, meditation, medicine, politics and ethics
  • Lifestyle: Helping others and doing good to the society
  • As a martial art: It helps in concentration, defense, protection and teaches devotion and to believe in faith
  • Health of mind: It teaches high ethical standard: For example – not to harm a weak opponent and forgive the person (in the battle).



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 12, 2017

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