Traditional Utensils

Traditional Kitchen Tools and Vessels

Our modern kitchens are equipped with gadgets such as grinders, microwaves, ovens, griddles, toasters… all run by electricity. We are so much dependent on these gadgets as these gadgets save us time.  In India and other developing countries where there is electricity problem (power -cut!) the use of these electrical gadgets sometimes makes us really helpless. We rush restaurant and end up eating junk and unhealthy foods. Sometimes we have to look into our traditional tools and vessels that were much useful for our ancestors who did not had electricity or were unable to buy the expensive gadgets.  Here are few traditional kitchen vessels and tools that we still can use in our modern kitchens.  Use of these tools will also give good exercise and help us burn some extra calories !

The main source for cooking is either the gas stove or electric stove. People in remote areas of India still use low cost stoves to cook their food.

 Image: Low cost stoves

Butter churning pot

Butter Churning Pot


Cutting stool

Cutting Stool

Murukku Press

Murukku Press


Muram or Bamboo Tray

Muram or Bamboo Tray


Traditional grinding stones

Grinding Stones





Idli maker

Idli Maker


Coffee maker vessel

Coffee Maker Vessel


Images: Google images


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 23, 2015

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