Muram or Bamboo Tray

Muram or bamboo tray

Another item that has been in use since ancient times is the “muram or bamboo tray”. This is generally made of bamboo leaves. In South of India people have been using this for storing and cleaning various food items. Maurm made of  bamboo leaves are still being used by many households even though the plastic maurams are availble in market. Since murams are used for storing as well as cleaning food items, they are also considered sacred. Goddess Dhanya Lakshmi is said to reside in murams also. Unfortunately, the number of people using murams is also coming down. Muram use is often to remove dust particles/small stones from wheat, rice, paddy, mustard, millet etc by throwing them into the air. The tin air will blow off the dust particles and grain will fall off from murram. Heavy stones will remain on muram to discard.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 23, 2015

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