Cutting Stool

Cutting stool

In many houses still we see this cutting and scraping stool namely “Eeeligemane”. It is also known as Bonti or Aruvamanai, which is mainly used to cut vegetables and scrape coconut. The wooden base acts as a support to the vertically fixed sharp knife. The uppermost part of knife is used to scrape coconut. It sure requires good practice to perfect the skill of scraping coconut. The person has to sit down on the floor, and press the wooden base with their foot/knee to maintain balance. It requires good balance to cut the vegetables perfectly. The person has to hold the vegetable at it tip ends with both hands and slide it against knife with cutting stool comes coconut grater. Coconut grater will be always on the tip of the cutting stool. One can grate coconut and cut vegetables using same tool !

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 23, 2015

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