Murukku Press

Murukku Press

This is a very essential tool in indian kitchen. Murukku / Chakli press comes in stainless steel, wood, brass materials. These murukku or chakli molds comes with few other mold plates form which we can also make ribbon pakoda,  sevai or traditional rice noodles.  For the festival this multitasking murukku press comes in handy. It helps to make various items and saves time! 

Carrot and dry coconut grater

Attractive and beautiful old carrot and dry copra grater is still in use in many modern kitchens. In case no electricity and one cannot use food processors to grate vegetables or cheese – these old fashioned graters will come handy. Many Indian dishes calls for dry coconut -copra in recipe particularly sweets. Many times the food processer does not give good flakes of copra. In this case one can use these graters.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 23, 2015

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