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Eye Health

Vision is very critical for all of us. It is easy to get your eyes checked once a year or once in two years. Getting eye dilated for examining eyes is painless and helps to protect and prevent from eye conditions. To protect our vision we must take care of our eyes like any other body parts. If you are overweight, obese, have family history of eye conditions or suffering from diabetes then consider scheduling for yearly eye examination.

To keep good vision and to protect health of eyes there are several recommended steps one should follow:

  • Always use eye protection to avoid injuries.
  • People over 40 should have their eyes checked every two years and people over 60 should have their eyes checked every year.
  • Know your family’s eye history
  • Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam.
  • Eat right to protect your sight.
  • Be cool and wear your shades. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Clean your hands and your contact lenses properly.
  • Quit smoking or never start.

It is important to go through eye checkups once a year or as your doctor recommends and get your eyes checked for some of the eye conditions described in next few slides.

Glaucoma – Silent Thief of Sight: Click here to read more

Glaucoma - Silent Thief of Sight

Cataracts: Click here to read more


Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Click here to read more

Age Related Macular Degenration

Retinal Detachment: Click here to read more

Retinal Detachment

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Click here to read more


Uveitis: Click here to read more


Sty: Click here to read more

Stye - Eyelid Cyst

Blepharitis: Click here to read more

Blepharitis - Color Blindness


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  • Featured image: StockSnap from Pixabay (cc by0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 13, 2022

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