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Plastic and Silicone vaginal dilators

All You Need To Know About GRS Vaginal Dilators

GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) vaginal dilators help transgender women maintain vaginal diameter and vaginal depth

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Natural Pain Relief: Best Alternatives to NSAIDs

Pain relief might seem as easy as popping a pill — but there’s a lot more going on than simple relief.

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HealthyLife next

Healthy habits for healthy life

“Healthy living” to most people, means both physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well together in a person.

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Vitamin D and Calcium play important role

Vitamin D and Calcium play important role

Both men and women may have certain ‘risk factors’ that can make them more likely to develop osteoporosis.

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Bone health at Age 20s

Bone Health at Age 20s

At 20, you have developed 90% of your skeleton, but you still have some time left to build.

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Bone health in your 40s

Bone Health in your 40s

Talk with your doctor if you develop any medical condition, to see how it might affect your bone health.

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Bone health in your 50s

Bone Health in your 50s

At this age you have done all that you can to optimize your skeleton.

Now you must

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Men at age of 50

As a man at the age of 50 – To live a bone healthy life

Pay attention to body mechanics to protect your bones from breaking.

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