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Jackfruit payasam dessert

Delicious Jackfruit Payasam dessert

This is jackfruit ripening season. Delicious taste of jackfruit makes it one of the most loved seasonal fruit and people look for good ripened fruits to prepare dishes.

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Homemade Nasal Spray

Homemade nasal spray to remove mucus and allergens

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Mother's health care

Mother’s Health test

It is important to take care of your parents’ health. They have taken care of us, now it is our turn One of the very best gift you can give it to your mother is, showing concern and taking care of her health.

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Note for Mother

Writing beautiful note for mother

Writing beautiful note: Appreciating what your mother has been doing to keep family spirits high, her smiles, love and affection – there are so many things children should be grateful for.

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Gift for Mother

Gifts for Mother

Flowers, plants and gifts for mother: If you cannot step outside of the house, then go online and get some precious gift for mom. There is still time. Your gift need not to be costly.

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Virtual gathering for mother's day

Virtual gathering

Videos Virtual family gathering: This year is tough for everyone and especially for mothers. There are children who are staying away from parents and cannot make due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Cook for mom this mother's day

Cook and feed Mom

Cook and feed Mom: Everyday mom cooks for you. When you are studying or attending to work, she even brings food to you. Is not she?

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Volunteer for Mother's day

Volunteer on Mother’s day

Volunteering for a good cause: Mother’s Day is special day in everyone’s life. Volunteering on Mother’s Day for a good cause make sense. There are many volunteering opportunities available especially during pandemic time.

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