21 Yoga poses to boost kids confidence

Best yoga poses for kids

As we are aware yoga provides positive effect for our body. Recent days kid’s yoga and meditation both are taking schools by storm. Bringing yoga to schools is helping and benefiting children a lot.

As a parent or teacher if you are into yoga and want your children to practice yoga, then best way to bring your kids to yoga poses is practicing around them. They will look at you and imitate you to get into the pose.

Children body is so flexible and before they grow up to an adult they master the poses and can get into flexible body. Their anxiety, fear and sadness will disappear and joy will fill their mind by practicing yoga.

Which are some poses that really can help children to get stronger, flexible and boost their confidence? Best is to use poses that are named after animals and plant parts. Kids will enjoy this as it is fun to get into these poses.


  1. Camel pose: A back bend that stretches whole front of the body. It helps in deeper back bend and makes spine strong too. Sanskrit: “ustra asana”
  2. Cat-cow pose: Helps to warm up the body and brings strength to spine. It is a combination of two poses – cat and cow Sanskrit: Marjaryasana & Bitilasana
  3. Wheel pose: Entire body bends backwards, increases flexibility and strengthens hamstring. Sanskrit: Chakrasana
  4. Dancer pose: Balancing pose, strengthens legs and feet. Sanskrit: Natarajasana
  5. Dolphin pose: Similar to downward dog, instead on palms one must use the forearms to reach the earth. It helps in strengthening shoulder, core and legs. Sanskrit: Ardha pincha Mayurasana
  6. Downward dog pose: You will be on four corners of feet and palms. Helps in strengthening entire body, strong arms and legs – you will be lifting your body! Sanskrit: Adho mukha shvanasana
  7. Bridge pose: For strength of lower back, thighs and shoulder – Sanskrit: Sethu bhandasana
  8. Warrior 3 pose: Standing on one leg and balancing entire body in T pose – brings confidence to core! Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana III
  9. Tree pose: Balancing, focusing and concentration – learn from Tree pose. Sanskrit: Vrikshasana
  10. Eagle pose: Twist the body from top to bottom to get more flexibility and balance. Sanskrit: Garudasana
  11. Flower pose: Gives strength to pelvic area. Sanskrit: Chandrapushpasana
  12. Frog pose: Stretches hips, groins and inner thighs, Sanskrit: Mandukaasna
  13. Pigeon pose: Strengthening the core, legs, shoulder and back and, a hip opener pose Sanskrit: Eka paada Rajakapotasana
  14. Plank pose: Challenging pose to build immune system and strengthen the whole body. Sanskrit: Phalakasana
  15. Bow pose: Bending backwards while on floor- arching helps in strengthening chest, removes and congestion and gives flexibility to arms and legs. Sanskrit: Dhanurasana
  16. Plough pose: Helps in rejuvenating nervous system while stretching the spine and shoulder. Sanskrit: Halasana
  17. Upward dog pose: Brings the mind to present, most yogi’s like to do this pose in their Vinyasa flow and Sun Salutation. It helps in focusing on present. Sanskrit: Urdvamukha svanasana
  18. Chair pose: Core and thigh strengthening. Builds energy in the system. It is one of the powerful yoga pose. Sanskrit: Utkata asana
  19. Tortoise pose: Toning abdominal organs along with strengthening the back and core. Sanskrit: Kurmasana
  20. Crane pose: Focusing and balancing – another challenging pose. It takes few days to months to get into this pose. An enjoyable pose. It is an arm balancing pose that strengthens hands. Sanskrit; Bakasana
  21. Cobra pose: For exercising internal organs, digestive system this is one of the best pose. It is a heart opener pose. Sanskrit: Bhujangasana

After yogasana practice don’t forget to teach kids shavasana to relax their fragile body and mind!


Image courtesy: WerIndia collections

Reference: www.werindia.com

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 14, 2019

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