Kids manners

Manners that kids should learn

All kids are not born rude. If kids behavior comes across rude then it is not intentional. Kids might not realize how their behavior and what they are saying. In today’s busy life both parents might not have enough time to focus on their children’s behavior. However, it is necessary for parents to make time to teach and focus on kids’ manners to raise polite, well behaved and kind child. Make time to teach some of these manners to kids and tell them why it is important.

  1. While receiving something from family or friends or if someone helps them saying “thank you”
  2. When asking something from someone always add “please”
  3. “Excuse me” – a phrase should be used when trying to gain attention right away
  4. Do not criticize people in public, keep negative opinions to yourself
  5. Never comment on someone’s physical appearance or disability
  6. Do not interrupt when elders are talking and discussing.
  7. When people ask how are you…say I am doing good, thanks and how they are?
  8. While playing with friends, learn to share things.
  9. Don’t call people by mean names – it will hurt their feelings
  10. Never gang up against or make fun of a person. It is a cruel behavior.
  11. When visiting friends house acknowledge friends’ parents and say thank you for having you over at their house.
  12. Before entering someone’s room, knock on the door and seek permission. Remember people need privacy.
  13. Inside classroom, pay attention to teacher (even if it is boring)
  14. Always recognize and acknowledge known people. Greet them with a smile.
  15. Never peep into someone’s stuff without their permission.
  16. If adults ask for small favors and help, do not complain, do it with a smile
  17. When you walk through a door, hold it open and see if someone is entering or exiting the door.
  18. When you have cough and cold, cover your mouth.
  19. Do not pick your nose in public – it is considered as disgusting and unpleasant behavior.
  20. If you bump into somebody, say sorry or excuse me
  21. In front of anybody do not use foul language.
  22. If someone gives you a gift, send an email (if you don’t have one, seek your parents help) or send a thank you note.
  23. If you don’t like the food, don’t be angry. Be polite and convey message calmly.
  24. After eating food, wash your hands and mouth. Do not cross contaminate the food.
  25. Be kind to pets and other animals. Do not kick things or animals.
  26. Stand in line and follow rules – rules are there to protect

If these manners are not adopted at young age, as they grow up to be adults, saying thank you, sorry or excuse me becomes difficult. These are not polishing words, these are kind and pleasing words that one like to hear.  By listening often and practicing, good manners will implement in kids’ life and it helps them to be social and successful.


Image credit: Image by skeeze from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 21, 2019

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