Salt painting art work

Salt painting is fun!

Looking for winter art and craft activities for kids ? Try raised salt painting. Vibrant colors when mixed with salt will make it interesting to paint. It is fun and kids will love this creative art.  Kids mind imagine various beautiful things and it can be easily converted to piece of art with this salt painting.

Salt painting activity

What you need?

  1. Watercolors or food colors
  2. Droppers or paint brush
  3. Cardboard, thick art paper
  4. Salt (get cheap ones!)
  5. White glue

How to paint salt? Painting salt is easy, fun and is creative work. Use cheap salt for painting work.

  1. On the art paper ask child to make a design that they love using pencil. Then using white glue let them mark over the pencil design by slowly squeezing the glue. It can be thick or thin.
  2. Once the basic design is done, tell them to sprinkle salt over the white glue.  Shake the paper (canvas) and remove excess salt on a paper or bowl.
  3. Next step is to use colors – if the water colors are too concentrated and can be diluted using water – help child to dilute the color.
  4. Now, fun part for kids is, let them dip the dropper into color liquids and drop the colors all over the salt design slowly. Another way to pain the salt is use paint brush. Let them dip paint brush in colors and slowly touch the wet brush tip on the salt. Tell them to mix colors and let them choose the colors based on their imagination. Colors will travel on salt and blend with each other. Within few minutes there will be a beautiful, original painting by the child.
  5. Once the glue completely dries, art will start sparkling with vibrant colors!

Help kids to take photos of their beautiful salt painting. After few days paint can flake off. But the memory of fun painting and experience of learning new art should be with kids. Next time let them try some other new, creative art!

Image: Pintrest, Kids activities

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 25, 2019

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