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Yoga pose modifications

Easy modifications of yoga poses

Sometimes certain yoga poses can pose issues on the body. It might be hard to get into the poses or if the body alignment is not proper it could pose problem on body parts. Not getting into yoga poses the way we must, could be strenuous and result in pain in hands, joints, can cause numbness,

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Pigeon pose modification

How to modify pigeon pose

For some yogi’s it is difficult to bend the leg and place it behind the arms in pigeon pose. Try these variations and get help using yoga props.

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21 Yoga poses to boost kids confidence

Best yoga poses for kids

Which are some poses that really can help children to get stronger, flexible and boost their confidence?Kids will enjoy this as it is fun to get into these poses.

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Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

From Downward Facing Dog, step both feet together and bring your right knee forward between your hands so your outer right leg is resting on the mat.

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