How to prepare sattu

How to prepare sattu

Traditionally sattu is prepared using Bengal gram. Dry roasting Bengal gram using sand as medium  followed by sieving the sand and grinding the roasted gram is traditional method. People also mix chickpea, Bengal gram, pulses and cereals – dry roast all ingredients and prepare powder. This adds good and interesting flavor and taste to Sattu.

In some places sattu is made of barley. Using barley sattu, lemonade type of drink can be prepared. Any of the sattu type can be prepared at home using iron wok and a grinder. Sattu is available commercially in stores with wheat, barley, sorghum Bengal gram, lentils and cereals combinations. All sattu powders contain some amount of roasted Bengal gram as ingredient.

Sattu is preferred by people who work in constructions, agriculture fields and involved in other tough jobs that require lot of hard work.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: August 26, 2020

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