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Rich in protein- simple Sattu flour mix is made by grinding Bengal gram alone or Bengal gram with cereals and pulses.  It is simplest and one of the great protein source food used in Indian states on regular basis and for everyday meal.

Sattu powder made of Bengal gram, can be mixed with water to prepare sharabat drink during summer to provide cooling effect. It can be consumed in solid form by preparing curry. Sattu is known as poor man’s protein. But its nutrition value is making it as one of the most desirable nutrient food. From centuries Sattu has been staple food of many Indian and neighboring countries. Because of its nutrition values now it is considered to be one of the famous exotic food ingredients and available in markets.  

History traces sattu’s origin in Tibet where it is known as Tsampa.

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How to prepare sattu

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Nutrition and health benefits of sattu

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Sattu Indian bread

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Side effects of sattu

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