Detoxifying sattu liquid

More Health Benefits of Sattu

Combination of pulses, cereals, Bengal gram in sattu helps vegetarians to get enough protein.

  • Sattu has low glycemic index and is good for high sugar patients. It helps to maintain blood sugar level.
  • Sattu is good for maintaining good cholesterol, promotes heart health and regulates blood pressure and thus promotes good heart health.
  • It improves bowel movement and also  reduces problems associated with digestive organ and stomach. Consuming sattu increases appetite and sametime keeps stomach full thus helps us prevent eating junk food.
  • It is a good detoxifying agent and keeps body energetic and sickness free.
  • Sattu stimulates and promotes red blood cells that carry oxygen essential for all cells and tissues.
  • Sattu is good for hair and glowing skin!


Image: Blueberry smoothie: (CC0)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: August 26, 2020

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