There is no official definition for super foods. However  if you are still  looking for super foods that can help you to lose weight, boost your energy, immune system, decrease cholesterol, good for hair and skin, good for kidney, eyes, heart etc. etc.  Well, here are super foods that you can consider having in various farms. They provide all these health benefits and more. They contain good minerals, vitamins and other necessary nutrients that a human body needs. What makes them special? They are easy to digest and easy to cook and, are available most time of the year!

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1. Kale & Spinach – Click to know more

Kale & Spinach

2. Broccoli & Cabbage – Click to know more

Broccoli & Cabbage

3. Carrot & Beetroot – Click to know more

Carrot & Beetroot

4. Ginger & Turmeric – Click to know more

Ginger & Turmeric

5. Cinnamon & Green Tea – Click to know more

Cinnamon & Green tea

6. Tomatoes & Hot Peppers – Click to know more

Tomatoes & Hot peppers

7. Sweet Potatoes & Beans – Click to know more

Sweet Potatoes & Beans

8. Quinoa & Oats – Click to know more

Quinoa & Oats

9. Grapefruits & Blue Berries – Click to know more

Grapefruits & Blue berries

10. Flax seeds & chia seeds – Click to know more

Flax seeds & chia seeds

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 22, 2016

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