Broccoli & Cabbage

Broccoli & Cabbage

These two belong to same family! Both Broccoli and cabbages are again healthiest foods. Broccoli, which is also green, supplies lot of nutrients along with good amount of fiber. Steam cooked broccoli lowers cholesterol. This is because of the fiber components.  The fiber-related components in broccoli do a better job of binding together with bile acids in your digestive tract when they have been steamed. It also detoxifies body components.  It is a good source of vitamin D and vitamin K. Cabbage supplies good amount of digestive fiber.  Green cabbage supplies some amount of vitamin K and red cabbage supplies anthocyanin – which are antioxidants too. Cabbage prevents bile from absorbing fat after a meal, which lowers the overall amount of cholesterol in the body.  Cabbage contains sulfur-based compounds called glucosinolates that have anti-carcinogenic properties.

The best way to eat broccoli – eat raw, steam cooked, add to stir fry or Indian pulav. Cabbage – Grate and add seasoning eat raw or cook to make curry.  Prepare delicious broccoli and cabbage soup to get rid of that stubborn body fat.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 11, 2024

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