Consequences of Drug Addiction

Consequences of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can cause severe problems.

If you want to lead a healthy and happy life then be responsible individual. Don’t spoil yourself and the society.

Why one should say no drugs?

  • Physical health – cancer, infertility, gastrointestinal disease, HIV/AIDS, hormonal imbalance, skin damage, hair loss, appearance change …the list continues..,
  • Emotional health- paranoia, anxiety, memory loss, mood swings, depression, aggression psychosis
  • Family and social health: destroyed personal relationship, accidents, increase in expenses, degraded personality and destroying everything… to name a few, these are effects of drug addiction.

Drug use is not something you should ever get involved with.

Saying no to drugs is not easy for anyone who is addicted but they have to remember that, they have to live with consequences!

Better get help today and come out of the deadly addiction!!

Image credit: Image by Loryn from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 4, 2021

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