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Grandma’s 25 Tips For A Healthy Body

To have a healthy body we need healthy habits. Our ancestors have passed down their wisdom and rich experience to us, to lead a healthy life while acquiring a healthy  body.

1. Reduce your anger and anxiety. In addition, worry less.

2. Do not forget to wash your teeth, gum and tongue every day

3. Practice deep breathing.

4. Make sure open the windows to allow fresh air to traverse through the house.

5. Do not over work and try to prove something to anybody.

6. Get good amount of sleep everyday. 6 to 8 hours gives good rest to body.

7. If you are tired, body is asking you to rest. Listen to your body.

8. Eat slowly and don’t forget to bite the food. This helps in easy digestion. Do not swallow or gulp food.

9. When you eat lunch, dinner, breakfast – do not rush. Stay calm, enjoy your meal.

10. Understand the nutrition value of the items that you eat. If you don’t know ask the person who cooks for you or find out what benefit you get from that food.

11. Eat when you are hungry, do not eat when you are bored.

12. Find good activities that make your free time worth and happy.

13. Learn to live with others, learn to listen and learn to speak when you need to.

14. After lunch, if you have time try to rest for 10 to 20 minutes.

15. Reduce friend items in your diet. It gives heaviness to body.

16. Do not over eat any type of food. Practice a balanced diet.

17. Morning or evening exercises are good.

18. Do not feel bored to take a bath. Keep yourself clean and daily wear fresh clothes.

19. Spend time with pets – cats, dogs, cows, coughs and any other pets that you might like.

20. Spend time with family – take part in healthy discussion.

21. Plants – Have plants in house – ferns, orchids, herbal plants can be best companions.

22. Read books – Make this a hobby. When you are alone book will be there as your friend.

23. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Understand the value of seasonal food.

24. Cook at home and eat out less. It is always better to know what ingredients are there in your food.

25. Prayer and meditation: Let these two be part of your activities to keep your mind calm and happy.


Image credit: Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: March 31, 2018

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