Pap smear for ladies

Why Pap Smear Test Is Essential for Women

Pap smear tests, also known as Pap test, are essential for women’s health because they specifically target the detection of abnormal cervical cells, which could indicate the presence of cervical cancer or precancerous conditions.

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Perm hairstyle care

Before And After Care For Perm Hairstyle

Changing hairstyle is a common fashion trend. One of the popular hairstyles is perm – wave or curly hair as it suits different face shapes and age groups. Perm or permanent hair style is a process of curling or permanent wave creation of hair by altering the texture. Perm style lasts anywhere between three to six months based on the type of perm and hair length.

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Normal habits increasing belly fat

These Normal Twelve Habits can Increase Belly Fat

Our habits must support our health and development. Some of the habits that everyone consider to be normal could give you belly fat and can increase the body weight.

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Saponins what are they

Understanding Saponins In Your Food

Sometimes when we boil dal or lentil, we can see soap like foamy structure settling on top of water and overflowing. This is due to a natural chemical compound that is present in certain group of food called saponins.

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Coping with financial stress

How to cope up with Financial stress

We all deal with financial problems, stress and uncertainty during different stages of our lives. Financial problem could be due to loss of job, medical expenses or unexpected expenses, house repair, education fee, donation etc. Such situations could cause struggle, hardship and stress in life.

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Breast cancer Emotional support

Breast Cancer Can Happen And It Is Not Your Fault

Managing emotions while dealing with breast cancer can be challenging, as it is a diagnosis that can bring about a wide range of feelings, including fear, sadness, anger, guilt and anxiety. However, it’s important to acknowledge and address these emotions to maintain your overall well-being.

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Feeding Babies

Feeding Babies – What new mothers need to know?

Children stomach is very sensitive. What you feed them has an impact on their growth and development.

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Decluttering advice

Decluttering Is Essential For Quality Life

Decluttering should be a rule of every household. Decluttering emphasizes simplicity, practicality, and the value of maintaining an organized and uncluttered living space. Decluttering should be part of your routine as it helps you to have a quality life. If you cannot declutter every day, incorporate decluttering schedules once or twice a month.

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