Foods interfere with sleep

These Foods interfere with sleep

There are several such foods that can interfere our sleep for various reasons. As we know sleep is an important “activity” that our body needs. If we don’t sleep well it will have adverse effect on our health.

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11 changes brings happiness

Eleven simple changes that brings happiness

When positive things and positive people surround you, a positive energy flows in your mind and body.

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Things not to ask adoptive parents

Do Not Say These Things To Adoptive Parents

If you happen to meet adoptive parents of your child’s friend or parents who adopted kids in your friend’s circle before asking questions or saying something think twice. Sometimes you might cross the boundaries when you ask something about personal life of the parent and adopted kid.

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Indian diet

Diet with Cinnamon, turmeric and garlic improves health

The whole world is getting vaccinated and people are trying to get back to pre-pandemic “normal life”. However the Covid virus variants are making it tough to everybody to get back to normal life. Vaccination will help to fight the disease. But to remain healthy and fit we need healthy food and daily dose of exercises for the body. While we try to get back to routine life, we also should focus on our diet.

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Under eye bag removal

Simple life changes can help you to get rid of under eye bag

Do you get puffy eyes or bags under your eyes? Many of us do. Women use different eye products, creams, surgery, laser treatment etc. to get rid of the eye bags.

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It is easy to shift to healthy food

Shifting to Healthy food is easy

Shifting from unhealthy food that makes you feel lethargic, overweight and moody to healthy food that makes you happy, light and energetic is the best and simple option.

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Get optimal benefit from food

How to Get Optimal Benefit from Food Intake

Food should be our medicine and not the other way around. When we eat, we should feel healthy and not lethargic? Eating mindfully is very important to keep up good health. How to make sure that the food we eat every day is giving optimal benefit for our health?

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Normal habits increasing belly fat

These Normal Twelve Habits can Increase Belly Fat

Our habits must support our health and development. Some of the habits that everyone consider to be normal could give you belly fat and can increase the body weight.

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