What makes a home

What makes a home

When you are visiting someone’s house you might see display on the wall “this is our home” or “Home is where the family eats together” “ I love my home” etc. What is a house and a home?

House refers to concrete building and location where someone lives.

Home is a place where you feel that you belong in that place and it is a special place where you feel comfortable, love and affection of the family. House is for physical protection.

You either feel at home or not feel at home in a house. So what makes a house a home? To make a house a home one should develop and introduce the beautiful thoughts and act.

House becomes a home when:

  • You fill a house with charity
  • Decorate house with love, affection and beautiful stuffs
  • When you eat dinner together and spend time together
  • When you treat each other respectfully and give and receive love
  • When you forgive and forget other’s blunder and mistakes
  • Your attitude filled with selflessness, service and kindness
  • Children laugh, cry and snuggle with you
  • One respect and take care of elders and make their life interesting
  • Play game with family and friends
  • Watch movie, have dance party, perform rituals and bring joy
  • You cook food and experiment cooking, feed family
  • You share your daily activities, sorrow, happiness and stories
  • You laugh, cry, show concern and develop empathy for humans
  • Store and protect things that are close to your heart
  • Share space with loved ones and pets
  • You create memories
  • A place that feels comfortable, livable for you and your family
  • As you enter the place every evening, you should feel welcomed

A home is where relationship and integrity forms. A Home should make a person strong, empathetic, affectionate, It should develop good values in children and gives something valuable in a person’s life. And, as they say, “If you fill a house with love, it becomes a home”!

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 20, 2018

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