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Coke can be a good helper

25 different ways to use Coke

In olden days drinking to conquer thirst, people used to drink coconut water, lemon juice, butter milk, sweetened rice water, Borassus water and plain water.

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Uploaded ToHomemade, scented vinegar for cleaning

Homemade scented vinegar for cleaning

If you are bored with smell of white vinegar, you can make use of your favorite herbs, fruit peels and flowers to add scent to vinegar. Try homemade scented vinegar to clean glass, counter top, kitchen cabinet and bathroom.

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Left over Veggies

17 ways to use leftover vegetables

If there is no fungus or bacterial infections and the vegetables still look good inside, then instead of throwing the vegetables we can use them in different ways. Here are 17 ways to use leftover vegetables

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Christmas celebration tips

Christmas celebration tips

This Christmas enjoy celebrations with these preparation tips.

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Indoor plant care

Tips to keep indoor plants happy during winter

Here are tips to keep indoor plants happy and healthy during cold, winter days

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Recycle Newspaper

Tips to use old newspapers

Instead of throwing use grandma’s following tips to use old newspapers for household work.

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Beauty and Salt

Beauty and salt

Salt has several other benefits apart from adding to get taste in the food. Salt helps in getting clear skin and healthy look. See yourself…

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Mattress cleaning tips

Tips for clean Mattress

Mattresses harbor sweat, stain, dust, dirt, bed bugs, mites, hair etc. and while replacing the sheet, we tend to neglect mattresses.

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