Coconut Rice Dosa

Coconut Rice Dosa

A South Indian breakfast item Coconut Rice Dosa  or Neeru dose or Mangalore dose is very popular in Karnataka and some parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This Neeru dosa is very thin, appears lace like is very tasty and one can easily consume minimum 4 dosas at a time!. It is served with chutney or sambar. A good combination of good carbohydrates from both coconut and rice makes it a preferred breakfast item amongst people of rural places of Karnataka. It is filling and will make day energetic. Try and taste this traditional recipe this upcoming summer with onion – coconut chutney.

Coconut Rice Dosa Recipe


  • Rice (idli rice or Sona Massuri rice) – 500 grams
  • One coconut or 3/4 cup grated coconut
  • Salt – as needed
  • Cumin seeds -1 tsp


1. Wash and soak rice in water overnight or 6 hours.

2. Grind coconut and soaked rice in a grinder.

3. Add little by little water while grinding to get a good consistency to pour the batter on tava/skillet. Remember the consistency of the coconut -rice dosa batter is thinner than masala dosa or set dosa batter.

4. After grinding, add salt and cumin seeds.

5. Keep batter for little fermentation for few hours (it is an option).

6. On high flame heat a iron skillet or tava and apply oil.

7. Pour one ladle of batter onto the tava in a clockwise manner. When you pour the batter, you can see many small bubbles on the surface of dosa that turns to be many holes and appears like lace.

8. Apply one tsp of oil on and around the dosa.

9. Cook dosa on one side by closing a lid.

10. Remove dosa slowly and serve with onion chutney or sambar.

Remember: Every time when you pour new ladle of batter, make sure to mix the batter as rice powder may settle down at the bottom of batter. container.

Onion chutney:


  • Onion – half
  • Coconut- 1/2 cup
  • Red chilli -3
  • Salt
  • Dry chenna dal -2 tsp
  • Water for grinding

Preparation: Grind all ingredients together with water for your required consistency. Season with mustard and curry leaves.  Serve Coconut -rice dosa with onion chutney.



Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: January 16, 2017

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