It is easy to shift to healthy food

Shifting to Healthy food is easy

Eating right need not to be complicated.

Shifting from unhealthy food that makes you feel lethargic, overweight and moody to healthy food that makes you happy, light and energetic is the best and simple option.

How do you make this shift? Shifting to healthy food is easy.

Here are grandma’s tips…

“Healthy food is not a fad – it’s a movement that is happening and existing from many centuries”. You have a chance to make a healthier choice whenever you:

  • Open your fridge for a snack
  • Shop in the grocery store
  • Stand at a vending machine
  • Pack a lunch
  • Look at a menu in a restaurant
  • Cook a favorite recipe
  1. Eat foods that are familiar to you and which makes your body feel great. Most of these foods should be natural.
  2. If you are eating processed food, check for the first few ingredients. If sugar is the first ingredient think again before purchasing processed food. Too much sugar is added to the food can make you feel satisfied temporarily.
  3. You will find healthiest and natural food outside the aisle in your grocery shop.
  4. Daily eat three different colored vegetables or fruits for each meal (if possible).
  5. Start your morning eating fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice like orange, tomato juice or lemonade.
  6. Cereals with walnuts, raisins or almonds are great with fruit for the morning breakfast.
  7. When you look at food labels, if you have not heard or read about an ingredient then don’t buy that food. Always study the ingredients and understand whether it suits your system or not.
  8. Reduce eating out in fast food restaurants. Set a goal for reducing the number of visits to fast food restaurants and see changes in yourself.
  9. When you are in a restaurant, if you are not familiar with the food in the menu – ask what are the ingredients.
  10. Reduce consumption of alcohol, soda and other carbonated drinks. They can only do harm to your body.
  11. Never overcook vegetables and greens. It will take away their good substances.
  12. Fresh and frozen produces are better than canned foods
  13. Limit use of margarine, shortening and refined vegetable oils. These cannot be digest by the system easily and it takes time to process them.
  14. Use olive for salads. Do not heat olive oil. Use vegetable oil, canola oil for cooking.
  15. Drink water, buttermilk or consume yogurt every day.
  16. Prepare your own detox, that suits your body system- once a while to keep away toxins.
  17. Emphasize fruit, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat or fat-free milk and milk products.
  18. Make sure your diet is low in saturated fats, trans fats, salt (sodium) and added sugars.
  19. Make Your Calories Count – understand the serving size and calories from various nutrients.
  20. Make shifts in your food choices like a cream-based pasta dish to one with a lighter sauce and more vegetables for dinner



Image credit: Photo by Phuc ( Xù ) Pham from Pexels (Free CC0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 27, 2021

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