How to age backwardly

How to age backwards

Grandma has already suggested home remedies to take of your skin to look young.

However, if you want to look young and energetic with age you also need to bring changes in your lifestyle. What are the life style changes one can redeem to look and feel younger and great again?

How to age backwards ? Listen to grandma…

  • Spend time with people who feel and act young both inside out. Avoid spending time with those who complain about their life and how old they feel. To look great, you need to uplift your energy and not the other way around.
  • Watch yourself closely and monitor what you eat. Do not starve but go with proper nutritious food.
  • Avoid visiting fast food restaurants. Instead, cook and eat. Some traditional foods with less fat are really good for your figure. Eat more plants not meat.
  • Consume fat in moderate quantity. You should not avoid fat at all. Ghee and butter helps your skin to glow. Some oil in your body is essential for wrinkle free skin.
  • Don’t skip exercise – exercise helps your body to get out of tiredness. Exercise buddies will help you to keep up with routine. Swimming, jogging, dance classes, walking, cycling etc with friends helps you to energize.
  • Travel and explore the world. Seeing the places and discovering how the world lives adds life, love and lucidity to your years.
  • Always look for something creative to do. Art class, gardening, music, knitting, reading, volunteering, visiting library etc. helps you to discover your inner self and your will help you to live peacefully.
  • Be funny and explore life. Try different restaurants and varieties of good foods. Try wearing nice and beautiful dresses. Try zumba and classical dances!
  • Surround yourself with lively, fun loving and smart people. Discuss about various topics. Internet helps- search for topics, join a book club. Be spontaneous to do things. Get out of your comfortable zone to try something new every day.
  • You cannot live in your past all the time. Life has to move on. Enjoy every bit of your life instead of feeling sorry. Don’t waste your time by expecting sympathy from others. Don’t complain about your life and feel sad about it.
  • Try different make-ups. Get your hair done, visit spas and massage centers. Use light perfumes and try simple and elegant jewelry. Take time to look beautiful. Apply moisturizer, use oils, turmeric – try good things on your skin. Keeping your eyebrows well-groomed and shaped helps provide a frame for your face and draws attention to your eyes. To avoid dryness – apply oil to hair 2 to 3 times a week and wash your hair.
  • Treat yourself with little wonderful things. Buy bangles, hats, sweaters, shoes, books, nail polish – as long as they don’t go waste – treat yourself with something that makes your happy. Go out with girls and enjoy dinner, lunch or breakfast. Watch a movie in a theater.
  • Read inspiring stories and try to be inspired. Don’t think you are too old to do anything. Always think that you are young and you can achieve anything in life. Do something that makes you feel youthful.
  • When a negative thought comes to your mind, brush off the thought or replace it with some good jokes that brings smile on your face. Watch a feel good movie or call a friend who shares positive vibe.
  • Do not spend time in sleeping, sitting and not doing anything. Get dressed and go out – visit shops for nothing, walk around and watch people. Spend time with children or watch them playing- they are carefree and fun loving little humans. Learn from a child’s smile.
  • Laugh, smile and have fun – laughing and smiling helps to keep heart in good condition and keeps you energetic.
  • Love is perpetual youth – do not stop loving your life partner. It helps you to keep young and happy.

Every morning when you wake up – tell yourself how young, energetic, beautiful and wonderful person you are. Our body will age but if we treat it right it will look young. The advantage of looking young is – it helps you to look forward for life and removes any loneliness that one might be suffering from. It attracts more people and helps in achieving good relationship. Think young and stay healthy to look young! Remember: Just when the caterpillar thought world is over, it became a butterfly!!




Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 15, 2017

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