Learn to detoxify home

Improve your health by detoxifying the home

Not just the food habits, to improve our health we often need to declutter and detoxify the house where we live in. During this second-year pandemic, while most of us are working from home it seems obvious to detoxifying home will help us to feel better. Learn how one can detoxify the house to make you and your family feel better.

  1. Kitchenware: Take out non stick pans and tavas. Go for steel utensils and ceramic instead. To store food consider using ceramic, glass, or steel boxes. Remove plastic storage boxes and replace with metal ones.
  2. Plant based cleaners: Consider replacing regular chemical cleaners with plant-based cleaners. Most chemical cleaners’ effluent toxic chemicals, long-term usage of which can cause illness. These chemicals can interfere in hormonal function, can be neurotoxins, trigger asthma and problem in conceiving.
  3. Limit plastics usage: Plastics are found everywhere and in most products. If you know how plastic usage can harm our health, consider using less plastic or say no to plastic. Start with reusable bags for grocery as we tend to store carry bags inside one another thinking we will be using it.
  4. Take care of air: Instead of using air-refreshers that are hazardous to human health, consider opening the windows for few minutes every day. Not opening the windows and not allowing outside air to enter the house will lead to toxic indoor air. Chemicals that are released from materials inside the house will become stagnant and we keep breathing same air. Circulating fresh air inside the house will remove toxins accumulated.
  5. Indoor plants: Populate house with good indoor plants.  Plants will remove ammonia and formaldehyde odor. Air cleaning plants will improve lung function. Plants detoxify the regular pollutants like formaldehyde found in furniture and ammonia an ingredient in cleaning products.
  6. Avoid fragrances: Fragrances that we use for various purposes like in air fresheners, soaps and shampoos contain phthalates that can cause allergies and affect development. Products that does not have artificial fragrances are good for skin and overall health.
  7. Avoid pesticide: Instead of harsh chemicals to kill pests try natural methods like using water, alcohol and dish soap. Introducing lady bugs in vegetable garden is good ideas as they act as they feed on pests and eggs. Grow marigold and chrysanthemum plants in vegetable garden along with vegetables to repel pests.

Image credit: Image by Sandro Porto from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 20, 2021

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