Bitter gourd has sweet characters!

Bitter gourd has sweet characters!

Bitter gourd is a fruit/vegetable belongs to cucumber family. It is considered as one of the leading diabetic medicinal herb as it has tremendous properties that is helpful in controlling diabetes. Use of bitter gourd (karela -hindi name) is in folklore medicine from many centuries.

We can prepare curry, dry chips, chutni powder etc using bitter gourd as main ingredient. Bitter gourd might have bitterness as taste but the same taste makes it preferred medicinal herb for various condition.

See what sweet characters bitter gourd has.

1. Good for skin diseases, controls skin infection: The regular consumption of bitter gourd helps in keeping your skin glowing and free from blemishes.

2. Helps in rejuvenating pancreas

3. Increases digestion and controls acidity

4. Helps in respiratory disorders: It helps in controlling cough, phlegm and cleans lungs

5. Dry grind bitter gourd with little jaggery, tamarind, cumin, pepper and give to new moms to bring back their energy and immune system.

6. Did you know? Bitter gourd juice (2 Tbs) helps in weight loss.

7. Immune system booster: Boil bitter melon leaves or fruits in water and consume it every day to fight against infections. This also helps to build your immunity.

8. Diabetes: Well known fact is that bitter gourd helps in Type 2 diabetes condition. Bitter melon juice benefits include helping to overcome type 2 diabetes. It contains certain chemicals that are like insulin which help to reduce the blood sugar levels.

Did you know? Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin which has been shown to control diabetes naturally.

9. Reduce constipation: Bitter melon helps in easy digestion as it contains fiber properties. Prepare curry using bitter gourd – mix with rice and consume for easy digestion. It also helps in increasing metabolism.

10. Kidney stones: It is also useful in curing kidney stones.

11. Blood purification: The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of bitter gourd juice helps to treat skin problems, blood disorders, and clear toxins from the blood and purifies it, and further improves blood circulation throughout the body.

12. Hair health: Mix a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice with curd and apply on your hair. Wash off after half an hour. This will make hair shiny and beautiful.

13. Bitter gourd juice is anti-inflammatory and also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Thereby, it significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.”

14. Solution for hangover too! – You can get rid of it quite swiftly by sipping some bitter gourd juice which wipes out alcoholic intoxication settled in your liver.

15. Bitter gourd also helps in curing wounds fast.


Precaution: Bitter gourd juice should be consumed only in small quantity as this drink may cause nausea and abdominal pains if consumed in high amounts.


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: March 9, 2017

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