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Grandma’s Remedies

Guduchi kashaya

Immune Booster Guduchi Amruthaballi Khashaya

Boosting immunity is critical to stop falling sick. Strong immunity means, your body will fight back against all those germs. There are many ways to boost the immunity. One herb that is great for fighting several types of sickness and for a stronger immunity is Guduchi also known as Amruthaballi (Botanical name: Tinospora cardifolia).

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Rose twenty health benefits

Here Are Twenty Home Remedies of Rose Plant That You Need To Know

Roses are one of the most beautiful flower on earth and appreciated for both its beauty and fragrance. Some of the roses like paneer roses are known for their fragrance as well as for the beauty. Rose plant has many health benefits.

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Home Remedies For Asthma

Grandma recommends some of those ancient home remedies for asthma to boost immune system using lehyam and other methods.

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Kadha for strong immunity

Kadha recipe, Ayurvedic liquid to help throat and boost immunity

To build immunity and to boost immunity apart from regular exercises, we should focus on our food intake. There are several herbs that help us to boost immunity because of their unique ingredients or phytochemicals.

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Home remedies to increase appetite

Increase Appetite With These Remedies

A poor appetite or loss of appetite happens for various reasons. It could be due to lack of desire to eat, loss of taste, whi

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Barley water

Why barley is good for you

Why barley is good for you? Being one of the oldest grain on earth barley provides several nutrients to our body. It is one of the most suitable food during sick conditions for both adults and children. Barley contains beta glucan

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Cellulite remedies

How to reduce cellulite problem?

Cellulite is a common problem both in women and men. It is subcutaneous fat that causes dimpling of the skin in thigh and buttock region. Sometimes you will notice it even on arms. It causes lumpy, dimpled flesh in these areas. Those who wants to wear certain dresses that reveals skin, will hesitate to wear such dresses.

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Benefits of Amrit noni juice

Power Of Immune Boosting Amrit Noni

Indian Mulberry also popularly known as Noni juice plant grows in India, Australia, and other parts of South East Asia. Noni juice is popular because of its multiple health benefits. In India it is also known as Amrit Noni juice.

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