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Grandma’s Remedies


Herbs and foods for infertility cure

try some of the traditional home remedies – herbs and foods recommendation that can also help to conceive and cure infertility.

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This summer consider drinking jaljeera

Street vendors keep jalneera in earthen pots to keep the drink cool. It also will be served generally with golgappa or pani puri.

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Amla, amla juice and benefits

Amla, Indian gooseberry is rich with vitamin C and has several health benefits. It is a seasonal fruit and not available in all seasons.

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Homemade deodorant

If you are allergic to these chemicals then you should try preparing deodorant at home.

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Betel nut Supari chewing benefits

Areca or betel nut also known as supari has a long history in many Asian countries. It has important cultural and social tradition in India

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Raw papaya for good digestion & weight loss

We all know benefit of ripened papaya fruit. It is good for diabetes and reduces cholesterol. It also helps in weight loss and eases menstrual pain. Do you know raw papaya fruit also has several benefits?

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Turmeric and Honey Mix

The blend of turmeric with honey and /or any of other ingredients has powerful healing capacity.

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Home remedies for piles

Hemorrhoids are swellings that develop around and inside the anus. It is commonly known as piles.

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