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Grandma’s Remedies

Vitiver Root benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Vetiver Grass Root

Khus root infused water has a cooling property and served in villages in many parts of India. If you have not tasted khus water, try it once! Khus grass is commonly known as Vetiver grass that grows in tropical countries and is extensively cultivated and used for medicinal purposes.

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Hangnails home remedies

Home remedies for hangnails

Hangnail means, it is formation of a small pieces of skin that comes up or tears away from your finger just by nail bed. It is that small, tiny skin that can be quite painful and sometimes bleeds especially when there are many hangnails.

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Ways to keep lungs capacity

Twelves ways to help your lungs to retain its breathing capacity

Worried about Coronavirus and lung infection? There are different ways to open air passage and improve lungs breathing capacity.

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Henna natural hair dye

Find out why henna is good for your hair

Henna is known for its unique color. Henna art also known as mehendi is popular art. Henna is used as for coloring hair from centuries. Henna is a natural hair dye and it is one of the best natural hair dye one use safely on hair.

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Foods for reducing joint pain

Foods that help to release joint pain

With proper medications and food intake we can reduce joint pain. Some of the foods that act as natural medicines to protect joints are explained here

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King of bitters

Benefits of King of Bitters

Commonly known as King of Bitters, Indian Echinacea or cold and flu plant of South Asian Countries grows abundantly in parts of India and Sri Lanka. Andrographis paniculata is the scientific name for the plant.

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Quarantine lockdown home remedies

Must know Home Remedies During Quarantine And Lockdown

We all now know how difficult it is to take an appointment and visit doctor during the pandemic. If you are suffering from common conditions and need relief you can try some of the home remedies that do wonder for common conditions and makes you feel better.

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Wheat Germ Benefits

Health And Diet With Wheat Germ

Wheat flour that we use regularly contains less nutritive value because the most important part of the wheat kernel is milled out while processing wheat. This milled out nutritious portion of wheat kernel contains wheat germ.

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