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Petroleum jelly benefits

The many benefits of petroleum jelly

Skin is the largest organ of our body and to take care of skin one product that helps definitely is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is made of oils and waxes. It is a mixture of mineral oils and natural waxes

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Ash gourd juice benefits

Ash gourd juice home remedies

Ash gourd juice extracted by simple procedure is helpful in curing some of the common conditions.

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okra benefits and uses

How to use okra for various conditions

There are different ways one can use okra to get its unlimited benefits. Whole okra, okra peel, okra seeds and okra leaves – all provide different health benefits.

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Lotus benefits and remedies

Lotus health benefits and remedies

Lotus petals, stem, seed and root – all provide many health benefits. Apart from medicinal benefits, lotus root is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine.

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Lemongrass benefits

How to use lemongrass

Lemongrass is a good medicinal plant that one should grow at home. With lemon scented leaves the plant has many properties that is useful in cosmetic, aromatherapy and cooking.

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Lemon peela chutney for stomach health

Lemon peel chutney for stomach health

Do you know lemon peel can cure several conditions?! Including lemon peel in diet has several advantages for health.

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Stop sugar craving

How to get relief from sugar craving

Sometimes we need help to develop resistance for sugar cravings. Some common suggestions and home remedies can help to overcome problem of sugar craving.

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DIY face mask sheet

Seven home made DIY Face mask sheet recipes

Face mask sheets help to hydrate skin without much effort. For preparing sheet mask  all you need is clean cotton gauze or mask or sheet with few familiar herbal ingredients. Here are seven effective DIY face mask sheet recipes to target getting healthy skin.

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