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Grandma’s Remedies

Cilantro plant benefits

Home Remedies and Many Benefits of Herb Coriander

Next time when your stomach gets upset, consider taking a glass of buttermilk with coriander juice for great relief! Also kno

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Purslane portulaca

Do you know this wonderful herb called purslane

This perennial plant Purslane Portulaca voleracea has beautiful flower and cultivated varieties are known for beautiful, colorful flowers

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Remedies for premature hair greying

Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair

Premature greying of hair is a condition that affects millions of people. For some people it does not bother but for many it is a great deal for various reasons. Hair growth depends on how we take care of them and how we nurture our body.

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Trikatu for weight loss

Trikatu For Weight loss, Digestion and Overall Health

Trikatu is an ancient home remedy that promotes overall health. It is also prescribed and available as Ayurvedic medicine Trikatu churna. As the name indicates Trikatu means Tri – three, katu- spicy pungent ingredients – it is a mix of three spicy herbal ingredients.

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Blue tea benefits

Butterfly Pea Flower Blue Tea Benefits

There are hundreds of varieties of caffeine free herbal teas are available in the market and people also grow herbs to prepar

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Vitiver Root benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Vetiver Grass Root

Khus root infused water has a cooling property and served in villages in many parts of India. If you have not tasted khus water, try it once! Khus grass is commonly known as Vetiver grass that grows in tropical countries and is extensively cultivated and used for medicinal purposes.

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Hangnails home remedies

Home remedies for hangnails

Hangnail means, it is formation of a small pieces of skin that comes up or tears away from your finger just by nail bed. It is that small, tiny skin that can be quite painful and sometimes bleeds especially when there are many hangnails.

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Ways to keep lungs capacity

Twelves ways to help your lungs to retain its breathing capacity

Worried about Coronavirus and lung infection? There are different ways to open air passage and improve lungs breathing capacity.

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