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Home remedies of sweet flag

Sweet flag root is useful for many conditions and traditional medicines uses sweet flag for various purposes and illness of the human body.

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Tips To Reduce Eye Strain

Tips to reduce eye strain

To reduce eye strain and puffiness around eyes few home remedies one can try are listed below by grandma.

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Ajwain Home remedies

Ajwain (Karpooravalli or Doddapatre, Patharchur) is a medicinal herb (Coleus aromaticus) which has been in use in Ayurveda for many centuries.

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Health benefits of banyan tree

Health benefits of Banyan tree

Almost all parts of the plant – bark, leaves, aerial roots, buds, milky exudes, flowers and fruits are medicinal and has several health benefits.

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Potty problem in kids? Try these home remedies

Parents feel terrible when child does not go for potty and suffers because of constipation. Potty problem (constipation) in kids most of the time happens because of dehydration.

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12 different ways to use mint

12 different ways to use healthy mint in your daily food

Grandma has suggestions to use mint leaves in 12 different ways to get mint health benefits in your daily food.

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Natural cure for excessive thirst

Natural cure for excessive thirst

We all feel thirsty for various reasons. When there is lot of fluid loss through sweating and heat we feel thirsty.

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21 Home Remedies For Kitchen Cabinet

21 Home Remedy Stuffs In The Kitchen Cabinet

Do you know the common and inexpensive home remedy stuffs that are sitting in our kitchen cabinets can help us during common sickness?

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