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Health kit Food Safety Magic Box to make you eat right

To improve health, generally we focus on our diet and how much we should eat. To keep ourselves fit and healthy, not just losing weight that we should focus on, we must also focus on what healthy food we eat. It means, we must be aware of- what food is not good for us. This understanding of healthy vs. unhealthy food will help us reach our desired goal.

Indian Government is taking various, different steps to improve and keep its citizen healthy and fit. Recently, The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India is planning to launch testing kits that helps to eat right! 

Continuing its efforts to keep India healthy, Indian Union Ministry is also planning The Eat Right Movement  under FSSAI. This will have two components Eat Healthy and Eat Safe!! In order to promote its movement MoHFW plans to launch testing kits called “Food Safety Magic Box’. These kits will be placed in primary health centers or PHCs and Ayushman Bharath Health wellness Centers (ABHWC’ s). This is to encourage people towards healthy food.

This movement is coming out by the year 2021. The joint secretary of MoHFW Mr. Vikas Sheel – “The food safety magic box will help patients test the food they generally eat in the magic box and the reports will be given on whether that food is healthy or not. This is to make them aware about what is important and what is not. This will also deter retailers from adulterating food”.

In the Eat Right Movement there will be two components – Eat healthy and Eat safe. In this movement the Community Health Officer (CHO) will give advice or tell people what is healthy and safe to eat. In addition, people will be guided with fitness programs including cycling, Zumba, exercises and many other fitness programs and sports. This is to promote overall health of citizens.

In addition ministry is also planning on launching packages of screening, prevention, control and management of non-communicable diseases and chronic communicable diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, basic oral health care, mental health ailments (basic) management, care for common ophthalmic and ENT health problem, elderly and palliative health care services, emergency medical services like burns and trauma.  These packages will be added to six existing packages at AB-HWC. Existing packages include pregnancy and childbirth care, neonatal and infant health care services, childhood and adolescent health care services and family planning.

Each primary care centers will have one doctor with MBBS degree who provides the packages to people who are in need. 

To help the efforts of the Government as citizens everyone should take part in such initiative and thoughtful health programs. Eating right, eating healthy food and understanding the meaning of proper diet helps us to improve health. In addition, proper exercises (minimum 5 days a week), being active both physically and mentally, making lifestyle changes that help us to lead healthy life will help us to improve our life in all respect. 


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 2, 2020

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