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Eat right health kit

Health kit Food Safety Magic Box to make you eat right

Indian Government is taking various, different steps to improve and keep its citizen healthy and fit. Recently, The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India is planning to launch testing kits that helps to eat right!

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Keto bulletproof coffee

Keto Bulletproof coffee

Some claim it is a magical health elixir and some say it is not but people who tasted this keto coffee says it is delicious! We are talking about bulletproof coffee

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Feel like crap syndrome

Do you have FLC syndrome

FLC syndrome or “Feel like Crap” syndrome affects many. After eating certain food, one feels sluggish, gain weight and resistance to weight loss

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The most dependable source for up-to-date, accurate nutrition data is a registered dietitian because:

  • an RD has a bachelor's degree in food and nutrition from an accredited university
  • an RD has completed an extensive internship un
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Most hated vegetables

Most hated vegetables

Have you ever wonder why you or your loved ones don’t like certain vegetables? Mother nature has given us so many vegetables and we have privilege (we think so) to hate or love it.

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Why people hate cilantro?

Why to hate cilantro?

Do you believe this? That innocent, good looking, fragrant, medicinal and culinary herb is hated by millions of people? Cilantro is popular herb in Asian and Mexican dishes.

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Do you hate mushroom?

Do you hate Mushrooms?

We saw poor cilantro.. now it is mushroom turn. Why people hate it? Well, you can see the benefits of various types of mushrooms in this article here in your road to healthy life.

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Why is the reason to hate fennel?

Why do you hate Fennel?

Fennel leaves and seeds both taste almost same. The fennel seed bitterness can be harsh for many. Taste is like anise and somewhat like black licorice.

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