Skipping meals - Prolonged fasting

Meals skipping

Meals skipping : Skipping meals -This is spontaneous dieting. There are no scheduled hours to fast. One can skip meals when stomach feels still full and no hunger.

If you are hungry then you will grab nutritious food and consume – this is meal skipping fasting! This is popular with many who wants to lose extra weight quickly. After eating food that is loaded with more carbohydrate and fat, one can feel full stomach even during next meal time. Instead of for the sake of eating, one can opt out to skip the meal and eat when the hunger comes back.

This type of spontaneous dieting we all do once a while unknowingly while traveling or during busy schedules when the hunger does not appear. So, it should be easy for the body to go through spontaneous intermittent fasting.

Meals skipping is not recommended by nutritionists. Skipping meals can mess up body functioning!

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 7, 2020

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