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Intermittent fasting benefits Type 2 diabetes

For Type-2 Diabetes Weight Loss Intermittent Fasting Is A Better Option Than Other Diets

In Type -2 diabetes patients an intermittent fasting of 8/16 hours resulted in more weight loss a study shows. These patients who volunteered for the research ate whatever they wanted in 8 hours window (and 16 hours fasting) and lost more weight than the people who cut their calorie intake by 25%

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2 days fasting per week - Prolonged fasting

Fasting 2 days per week

Fasting for 2 days per week :This is also known as 5:2 diet. Fasting two days a week with restricted calorie intake is the idea here

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Skipping meals - Prolonged fasting

Meals skipping

Meals skipping : Skipping meals -This is spontaneous dieting. There are no scheduled hours to fast. One can skip meals when stomach feels still full

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