Bergamot essential oil (relaxing)

Bergamot essential oil (relaxing)

Bergamot essential oil comes from the fruit of the tree. Some of its countries of origin include Italy, New Guinea and Morocco. The rind of the fruit is cold pressed to create an essential oil that is yellowish-green to emerald in color. It typically has a naturally occurring chemical called bergapten (a furanocoumarin) which is a phototoxic agent that produces abnormally dark pigmentation and reddening of the surrounding skin after exposure to UV rays. Bergapten been removed from this Bergamot essential oil so is safe to use in products for the skin.

Bergamot essential oil is best known for its antidepressant and soothing qualities. It is an uplifting essential oil (not to be confused with a stimulating essential oil, which it is not) that is useful when treating nervousness, anxiety and insomnia and may even be helpful for hyperactivity. It lifts the spirits while helping to calm the soul, making it excellent to add to a massage oil for someone who is stressed out and depressed.


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 9, 2023

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