Ambulatory Rhythm Monitoring Tests And Coronary Angiogram

Ambulatory Rhythm Monitoring Tests And Coronary Angiogram

9. Ambulatory rhythm monitoring tests: Holter monitoring, event recorders and mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) are ambulatory monitoring tests done to study your heart rhythm for a prolonged period on an outpatient basis.
Reason for the tests:
• Look for evidence of heart rhythm problems that come and go and that are not apparent with a standard ECG

10. Coronary angiogram: A type of X-ray used to examine the coronary arteries supplying blood to your heart. A catheter is inserted into a blood vessel in your arm or groin and fed up with your heart and coronary arteries. Special dye is then injected through the catheter and images are taken.
Reasons for the tests:
• Identify narrowing or blockages in the coronary arteries
• Evaluate pressures inside the heart

Image credit:
• : Misscurry, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
• : Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator, CC BY 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons

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